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Friday, September 28

Raw Footage: OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) at work on the Nokia Lumia 920

If you ever had any doubt probably due to the fake ad) that the Lumia 900 wasn't capable of video stabilization.
We have seen countless videos of Nokia staff/Bloggers shaking their hands and taking photos or recording videos to simulate how the stabilization works and while those are impressive demos, it doesn't get any clearer than this one from Engadget.

Here is a video from Engadget at Nokia House in Finland with the Lumia 920 showing just how effe3ctive the video stabilization (OIS) on the Lumia 920 really is.
Actions speak better than words, so I am just going to let you see the test.

I think Nokia should take that testing prop to every Lumia 920 promo, they should even feature it in TV ads (if possible).

Source: Engadget


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