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Wednesday, September 5

Video Catalogue of Nokia's wireless Accessories: Nokia PlayUp, PowerUp, Luna, Wireless Charging Plate

Here is bunch of promo videos for Nokia's next generation in wireless accessories...

First of, is the Nokia charging plate, Just touchdown on it and boom! you are charging your phone, hopefully I will not get to use this often as the 920 has a whopping 2000mAh battery and with the SnapDragon S4 processor for longer battery life!

The Luna Bluetooth now comes with wireless charging too! so Charge up your life!

Here is a look at the new Purity Pro headsets, no wireless charging here, but it does work wireless, that's right no more wires!

A look at the couple of boomers! the PowerUp and PlayUp wireless speakers from JBL

This is one accessory I love the most, one you surely must have on your bedside table, the charging stand!

The Lumia 820 comes with removable/swappable back covers that also allow for wireless charging, check it out...

So many good things from Nokia today, we wait for launch time!


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