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Wednesday, September 12

Video: Nokia's Jo Harlow clears the air on simulated Lumia PureView Promo Video and takes closer look at the New Lumia 920/820

Nokia's Vice President of Smart Devices, Jo Harlow gave the keynote speech at Innovation Qualcomm (IQ 2012) in Berlin. Here, she presented the new Lumia 920 and 820.
She gives us a closer look at the 920 and what is inside (Windows Phone 8), showing us a quick demo of the new Internet Explorer 10 on the device, talks Nokia's location based services (Nokia Drive, Maps, Transport, City Lens), Wireless charging, PureMotion HD+, PureView on 920

Jo Harlow also took the time to clear the air about the bad publicity Nokia has been getting due to the discovery that their promo video showing the PureView OIS on the Lumia 920 at work was in fact never shot with the 920. She explains that while the Lumia 920 is FULLY CAPABLE of performing the tasks in the video, the video was a simulation and that Nokia was looking into why it wasn't disclosed....

After watching this presentation, I think it's a better presentation than what was done at the Nokia Event in NYC, for one, this is a short and precise video aimed at showing just what the Lumia 920/820 have packed inside, she introduces all the new features coming to Lumia 920 and 820.
She also shows the new exclusive apps coming to Nokia Lumia phones, apps like Angry Birds Roost, CNN, Bloomberg and more.

FunFact: Jo Harlow says she listens to Justin Bieber :)


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