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Wednesday, September 19

Video: Samsung's latest Ad proves why Nokia needs to be even more Aggressive with its marketing!

I just watched this latest Ad from Samsung poking serious fun on not just the new iphone5 but also at the how ignorant the iSheep are.

In the lengthy one and a half minute commercial (I am sure it is going to be shorter on TV), it shows us a bunch of iSheep who are in line waiting for the release of the iPhone5 while they talk about the new features (audio jack now at bottom, bigger 4inch screen, thinner...). users who use the Samsung Galaxy III then pass by and show them that something better already exists, and that those new iPhone5 features are not new at all.
It's a pretty candid commercial, it's something that can happen in real life, if it hasn't happened already, this kind of real life ad is something users who watch it can relate to and the fact there are hints of humor make it even more appealing.

Nokia tried with its smartphonebetatest Ad campaign that ran in the US in the spring when they launched the Lumia 900, and while it was a thoughtful campaign, I still didn't believe it was as aggressive as it should have been, for a company trying to regain the trust of its fans from years ago, smartphonebetatest brought more humor than it did the seriousness of the matter. It was based on the fact that all the phones consumers have had since 2007 were beta phones and now that testing was complete it was time to use the real deal. Subliminal message, I would rather not see something like this when the lumia 920 and 820 launch.

I personally had knowledge that the Lumia 900 wasn't really the deal, it was more of a stepping stone, I had always put my trust in what Nokia would offer in its WP8 range and now that it is time to truly unveil the new Lumias, there isn't time to be subtle. It's no doubt that te Lumia 920s and 820s are the better phones right now and Nokia has to make that absolutely clear, no humor, no BS. Let's go straight to the point, the Ad campaign should be direct message to consumers, which is "Our phone is better than yours and here is why!"

 See you in October!


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