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Tuesday, September 18

Video: Spotify on the Nokia N9

Here is a look at what the official Spotify App on the Nokia N9 has to offer and I am indeed impressed.
Spotify is a music streaming service, probably the biggest in Europe and it recently made it way into the US (last year). With Spotify, you can search for and listen to any song you want, create your own playlist or even listen to custom radio (based on artists/genres you choose).
So remember back in the day when you had to get songs by transferring from a friend's phone via bluetooth? well, no more, listen to your fave srtists, full albums and it is all free (on your PC that is). if you want to use spotify on your mobile device, you can even download the songs on your phone for moments when there is no internet connection. To use Spotify on your mobile however will cost you $9.99/month.

Here is Spotify demoed on the N9...
You can sync music from your PC to your phone (just connect both to the same wifi network).
You can listen to custom radio.
You have offline mode for those moments when data connection isn't available.
create, modify or delete your playlist.
share tracks with friends on your social network (spotify, facebook, twitter, email)
and more...

From Symbian, to Windows Phone, this is by far the best Spotify app on any Nokia phone I have ever used. It is wayyy better than the Spotify app on Windows Phone.
Its smooth, nice UI, even has a custom radio feature that allows you to blend different genres together to create your own mix radio, a feature not currently supported on the windows phone Spotify app.

if you own an N9, love music why you are on the move? then go to Spotify and get a premium membership ($9.99/month) and download the Spotify app from the Nokia Store, it's FREE!


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