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Friday, September 21

Video Stabilization: Lumia 920 vs. SGSIII (The Difference is Clear!)

Every since the faked video promo mishap, Nokia has allowed doubters to test the optical image stabilization feature on the Lumia 920, and from all the comparison videos I have seen (which mostly comprise of people shaking their hands vigourously while recording with it), this is the most realistic test I have seen till date.

Imagine you are in a foreign country and as a tourist you want to record your entire visit, so you are in your car recording the scenic view, then when you get home and try to watchthat memorable occasion, it's all shaky.

Well, thats if you are using a Samsung Galaxy SIII (or any other smartphone for that matter), but from this video test, if you have a Lumia 920, you wouldn't need to worry about any of that anymore.


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