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Tuesday, October 2

New Nokia Lumia 920 promo video takes jab at black/white iPhone5

 Nokia has a new video out promoting the Lumia 920, but more importantly taking jabs at Apple's IPhone5 for lacking color (just black and white).
The video was uploaded by NokiaHomeBase, which seems to me, is the official youtube channel for Nokia Germany.

So what do you think, i don't think it is up to par with Samsung's TV commercial dissing iPhone5, Nokia will still have to step it up, the video is too subtle, IMO dunno if anyone would take it seriously, seeing that it is animated and all!

The video description is in German, but I managed to use Google translate to interpret... Gray was yesterday in gray - who confesses color has more of life! Lifts you from the drab mass of fruit junkies and discovered the smartphone class. The Nokia Lumia 920 and the Nokia Lumia 820 are available in four great colors and can be anything your heart desires - more than many highly acclaimed smartphone!


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