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Wednesday, October 3

Poll: 58% of Microsoft Employees want the Lumia 920

I was just sent this poll apparently from a Microsoft employee who says Microsoft is running an Poll on their internal company site asking employees which Windows Phone they prefer.

As you can see, 58% want the Lumia 920, a mere 2% want HTC's 8S, 8% want the 8X, 6% are planning on sticking with the windows phone they currently have while 27% are going to decide once they see what carrier options they have (At&t, Verizon or T-Mobile).

If you add the number of those who have taken the poll, that adds up to 2361 total, that's not a lot, in fact that's just 2.6% of the 90,000 employees Microsoft has.
So it looks like wherever this poll is, it's either its hidden, there is no interest from employees taking the poll or it was just put up (probably this morning) and it is going to take some time for employees to cast their vote!

I wonder if Yahoo! has a similar poll for its employees, remember their CEO is giving everyone of them a choice between iPhone5, SGSIII, Lumia 920. I think it would be interesting to see who wins hat one, given that its a neutral company when it comes to smartphones, plus it would give a perspective on the mindset corporate employees and what they prefer when it comes to smartphones.
though Nokia is also throwing in free wireless charging plates, that should sway the vote!

Either way, the Lumia 920 has managed to win every single poll it has been in, that's good news for Nokia, now if you would just release it already!

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  1. Microsoft has about 90,000 FTE (full) employees - not 900,000!!

  2. Correction made, thank you sir! :)

  3. Its spelled Microsoft not Mirosoft

  4. Well I want it too. But it's still not released and iPhone 5 is just dying for me to order it.