The New Nokia Lumia 920

Allow me to introduce the New nokia Lumia 920, with a Dual Core 1.5Ghz SnapDragon CPU, 4.5inch Super sensitive curved screen, 8.7MP PureView Camera, PureMotion HD+, 16GB storage, wireless charging and lots more

The New Nokia Lumia 820

The New nokia Lumia 820 is here, with a 1.5GHz Dual Core SnapDragon CPU, 4.3inch CBD screen, 8MP Carl Zeiss Lens, 16GB storage with SD card slot, wireless charging and lots more

Official Nok4Us App now in the Marketplace for Lumia Phones

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Unboxing the White Nokia 808 PureView

The Nokia 808 PureView is now available in the US, and here's what is inside!

Unboxing the Nokia Purity HD In-Ear HeadSets

Unboxing and reviewing the Nokia Purity HD In-Ear HeadSet, the latest and pretty awesome HD headphones from Nokia and Monster. welcome to audio heaven!

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Monday, April 30

@dnanian wins #captionthatlumia contest.

Today @benthepcguy announced that @dnanian won the twitter contest #captionthatlumia that ran over the weekend.

It all started with me brushing my "white" "glossy" teeth :-D in the bathroom and I happened to see how my bar of soap and my white Lumia 900 looked awesome together, @benthepcguy took notice of it and started a rather spontaenous contest in which you had to use the hashtag #captionthatlumia and create a nice caption for the pic, It got over 1500+ entries, but shall be only one winner!!

@dnanian won the contest by tweeting "It took a heck of a lot of scrubbing, but I finally got all the cyan out."

while runners up;
@sohraab (who tweeted a few good ones "Lumia so lean" "Makes bar of soap look unclean" "Lumia haiku")
and @donjuan914 (tweeted "The perfect Finnish")

all got windows phone swag packs!!!

 If you didn't win, don't worry, ben promised more contests like this will be unleashed, so keep your eyes and ears open!

Some notable tweets I enjoyed were:

Beauty and the Bar by @lenramirez
I just unlocked the "next to a bar of soap in Izzi's bathroom" badge on foursquare by @jeepnie
 Got Gloss by @willynovak
show off! by @gregsedward
Lean, Mean, and very Clean machine! by @therobmcg
Cleaning up the mess other smartphones leave behind by @m7swerve
I've got more bars than you by ... can't remember who tweeted that one!

Then there were awesome images by Jasonbeckett from reddit, check them out!
Looks like it should be on a billboard! awesome stuff

I would like to thank Ben for using my pic, my teammates at and everyone for participating! It was most definitely a fun weekend!

Read Full Story HERE

Sunday, April 29

How to toggle LTE on/off on your Nokia Lumia 900

It's no secret LTE zaps battery in LTE enabled phones, and the Nokia Lumia 900 is no exception.

Sadly there isn't a setting to turn it off or on when you want to... well, until now.

I have always wished there was a way to turn off LTE when I wanted to, since most of the time, I use either my WiFi at home or at the office, leaving LTE for those apps that run in the background and that's just too much speed than they really need.

Thankfully, there's a way to toggle your LTE on/off and its pretty easy.

Here are the instructions:
  • Go to dialer and enter ##3282#, it opens the Data Field Test utility which includes a lot of stuff I don’t even want to know about. But by tapping the "three dots" … at the bottom of your screen and tapping "settings"
  • You can tap and open Settings. Change the Network type to Automatic. 
  • NOTE: You can play with the other two settings “at your own risk”. 
  • Tap the Back button once to go back to the Field Test menu. 
  • The next step is critical so pay attention. Tap on the last option on the screen; Toggle ENS (REBOOT). When it opens tap Start. A few seconds later tap Stop. After a slight pause your phone will reboot (soft reset). If you simply back out of the Field Test menu, “the change you made will not stick”. 
  • Now go to Settings>Cellular on your phone and you will have an option to select E (Edge), 3G or 4G as your highest connection speed. I tried all three and they definitely disconnect you from the AT&T network and then reconnect to a new signal. Edge will show E or G (see the screenshot above), while 3G will show 4G on your phone. If you are in an LTE area, selecting 4G will show LTE. Otherwise I assume it will show and work over 4G. 
I have tried this now and I chose the 3G option, It will take a day to see if this improves my battery life. It's a nice option to have, I don't know why it isn't included by default especially with all the battery issues plaguing the Lumia 900.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Try at your own risk



Nokia Lumia 610 now available in the Phillipines

The Nokia Lumia 610 debuted in the Phillipines, unveiled back in February at the MWC in Barcelona, Spain. It is the most affordable windows phone.
Nokia Lumia 610 has modest hardware specifications with a 256MB RAM memory in particular, but it promises a smooth experience, even though we are dealing with a lite Windows Phone.

Just like the Nokia Lumia 900 was designed for the US market, the Lumia 610 was designed particularily for emerging markets, call it the S40 phones running windows UI if you will.

The Nokia Lumia 610 the cheapest smartphone of the Lumia family.

Nokia Lumia 610 features a 3.7-inch TFT capacitive touchscreen with a resolution o 480 x 800 pixels, prodected against scratches by Corning Gorilla Glass technology. The low-end smartphone also features a single core CPU clocked at 800 MHz, 256 MB of RAM and 8 GB of internal flash storage.

In Philippines, where the Lumia 610 is now available, It has a price tag of about $260 unlocked, and will become available in more Asian countries in the coming week, (there is also a CDMA version of the handset available in China aka Lumia 610c)

Source: TechSource

Nokia N9 PR1.3 coming this May??

It's no news that Nokia has been teasing the PR1.3 update for the Nokia N9, calling it a "small but valuable" update. The PR1.2 update only got pushed out a couple of months ago.

According to a Russian MeeGo blog, Someone from a MeeGo fanblog was eager to find out more details on the next update, so they contacted Nokia - and Nokia answered. Reportedly, a Nokia representative said that the update will be out by the end of May and confirmed that the update is small, but it would contain many surprises.

The Nokia representative couldn't comment on whether the Skype app for the N9 will support video calling, like the Google Talk Video Call app already does (Skype is a third-party app after all).

This is a rumour, Nokia has not come out officially to say when we will get the update, so take with some salt (seasoned salt).

Source: GSMArena

Steve Jobs' in Microsoft now!?

Apple Co Founder, Steve Wozniak seems to think Steve Jobs has been reincarnated at Microsoft as he insists that someone from Apple must have helped Microsoft come up with such prettiness that is windows phone.

He recently got a Nokia Lumia 900 and after having it for while, he concludes that there's "no contest" when comparing its (windows phone) UI with that of Android's, stating that Android's UI is awkward, well how awkward is that for Fandroids?!

Using the Nokia Lumia 900, Steve says "I also surmised that Steve Jobs might have been reincarnated at MS due to a lot of what I see and feel with this phone making me think of a lot of great Apple things."

It's really cool that Microsoft + Nokia are getting such accolades from prominent personalities in the IT world.

What's left now is to get more and more users to the platform, which will in turn attract more developers.

Read full story from CNET

Saturday, April 28

Nokia's $100 has begun rolling out to Lumia 900 users

When the Nokia Lumia 900 was released 3 weeks ago, it had a software glitch that causes your data connection to abruptly disconnect, Nokia said this was a memory error and they put out an update to fix the problem.
To safe face and reward users for their patience, Nokia offered every Nokia Lumia 900 user who bought the phone before the 21st of May a $100 At&t bill credit.

At&t sent a text message to all its Lumia 900 users yesterday informing them that they should see a $100 credit appear in their bill within 60days.

The Text says...
 A software update may be available for your Nokia Lumia 900, To see if your phone has an update available, visit for instructions. Nokia is providing a $100 AT&T bill credit for any inconvenience. Credit may take up to 60 days to appear on bill

This credit has begun rolling out,
The $100 credit is now here, I checked my At&t bill online and saw I had been credited with $100.

Friday, April 27

Do you want to win a Nokia Lumia 900 #CaptionthatLumia


When I unwittingly tweeted this pic this morning on twitter, and asked for help in captioning it.
I didn't realize it would inspire @benthePCguy to start a contest, the prize? A Nokia Lumia 900.

So if you have a twitter account, tweet a caption for the photo above, make sure you add the hashtag #captionthatlumia, if @benthepcguy picks your caption as the best you win!! it's that simple.
you can tweet as many captions as they come to your mind, just remember to add the hashtag #captionthatlumia

Hurry up. The contest ends on Sunday April 29th, at 1159pm PST

I have seen some hilarious tweets already like "got gloss" "i got more bars than you" and many more. Think you can do better, then get tweeting.

Good luck...

Nokia TGIF: Soap or Nokia Lumia 900, which is it?

A couple of days ago, I just got back from work, went to the bathroom, turned on iHeart radio on my white Nokia Lumia 900 and put it down, after I was done I proceeded to wash my hands with my Nokia Lumia 900, what?! Yes, I had picked up my phone instead of the soap! Turns out they are identical in color (except for shape and feel). Thank God, I only managed to grab my phone with wet hands, so no harm done, just wiped it off

So you probably wondering how I managed to mistake their identities, well it turns out dropping your white Lumia 900 face down, makes it looks like a bar of soap!

If you don't believe me...

The morale of this story is "Don't drop the Soap"


This photo has now inspired a contest run by the awesome @benthePCguy on twtter.

Read about it HERE

Thursday, April 26

UK release of Nokia Lumia 900 delayed due to high US demand

Nokia will be delaying the introduction of its Lumia 900 smartphone in the U.K. by more than two weeks because of high demand for the device in the U.S.

The “overwhelming demand” for the flagship device in the U.S. with operator AT&T Inc. had a “knock-on effect on product availability in the U.K.,” Nokia spokesman Hans Tranberg said in a statement to Bloomberg. The device will now be available from British retailer Phones4U on May 14, compared with an initial target date of April 27.

With both Cyan and White versions in particular completely sold out, on back order in most online retailers and consumers anxiously waitingto grab one as soon as they become available.

This shows Nokia's commitment and priority is to the US market, when the phone is initially made and designed for.

Demand is set to go even higher as Stephen Elop, Nokia CEO says Nokia plans to increase marketing spending on this device.

AT&T started selling the device, Nokia’s first phone for fourth-generation networks, on April 8 for $99.99. The Lumia 900 was initially hit by a glitch in the data software and Nokia pushed out a patch to fix this within the first week of its launch and giving customers $100 credit on their phone bills (Haven't received my $100 yet though)

In a turn of events, Verizon Wireless is now also preparing to add a new Nokia model, It was initially rumored that Verizon had pulled out of negotiations with Nokia + Microsoft to bring a Nokia WP7 phone to their Network, as they cancelled the "Nokia OM" back in February. reasons behind the cancellation were never confirmed.

Now, AT&T and Verizon Wireless are counting on the Lumia and forthcoming Windows models to provide an alternative to Apple Inc.’s iPhone and Google Inc. Android handsets and end the duopoly currently dominating the smartphone market.

Source: Bloomberg BusinessWeek

Wednesday, April 25

New Features coming to Facebook Client for Windows Phone

In case you haven't noticed, there aren't any Facebook client apps on windows phone apart from the official client, so we are stuck with it, and it's not that great, still lacks a number of key features.

Well, there's good news, the team behind the app is pushing out an update to the app that will bring features and functionality users have been asking for.

In a statement, they put out on the "Facebook for Windows Phone" Facebook Page, new features like threaded messaging, ability to delete posts, active links in posts, ability to "like" comments will be added to the app, this update is set to be released soon.

Here's the statement...

Hello everyone,

Firstly, thanks for all your feedback over the past few months. We read every comment you submit on Facebook, through email, and through the Marketplace, we use them to plan features for releases and we really appreciate all the work you put into feeding back. We’re listening :-)

The team has been working hard over the past few weeks on building the next version of Facebook for W
indows Phone, and as we’re getting close to release we thought now would be a good time to share with you some of the upcoming features you’ll be finding in v2.5:

- Threaded messaging
Full Facebook threaded messaging including group messaging, all in a beautiful Metro style design.

- Tagging
Now you can tag friends and locations in your posts in the ‘with’ and ‘at’ format.

- Delete posts and comments
Use the tap and hold context menu to delete posts and comments from your wall.

- Active links in posts
Tap on links in posts to go directly to the content.

- Updates to the photo comments and likes page
The photo comments and likes page has been updated to match the posts comments and likes page. You can see a hint of the image at the top of the page, pull down and you can see the whole thing.

- And finally, by popular demand…
…you can now ‘like’ comments!

We’re just going through our final rounds of testing and sign off, then we’ll be able to share it with the world. Keep your eyes peeled for the launch announcement on this page, and for the update notification on the Marketplace tile.

Thanks everyone!

The Facebook for Windows Phone team.

We should expect to get this update in the coming weeks, as they say they are in the final round of testing...

One Feature I still want to see, is the ability to manage your facebook pages from within the app, sadly this doesn't come with the update.

But the questions still remain, why is there only 1 facebook client for windows phone? did Microsoft block third party Facebook clients? if they did?? Why???

Tuesday, April 24

No more marketplace access in Zune Software!

Microsoft announced today that is it dropping (or rather has dropped) the marketplace feature from its Zune software, you will no longer be able to browse and purchase app from within Zune anymore.

In a statement on its official windows phone blog, Microsoft said this was due to the fact that showed most users access the marketplace directly from their phones or the actual marketplace website.
Resources used to maintain the marketplace section of Zune will be utilized elsewhere (where it matters).

Some see this as the beginning of the end for Zune, as Windows 8 nears its release, Microsoft might terminate the Zune software as most of its functions will be fully integrated into the new OS, hence no need really for Zune!

On the other side however, Nokia has rebuilt and even added access to the "Nokia Store" from within the Nokia PC Suite.
I guess both companies have different ideas on how users should access their Store!

Via: WPCentral

Source: Windows Phone Blog

Nokia Lumia Challenge: Episode 1 (Find a nearby Deal)

Nokia recently uploaded a video for its "Lumia Challenge" promo.
It is similar to the "Smoked by Windows Phone" run by Microsoft, where you go against a windows phone with your android or iPhone and see who is faster at performing everyday tasks, tasks like "snapping a pic, tagging it and uploading to facebook/twitter or finding a nearby restaurants (spoiler alert: Lumia always wins)..

In Episode 1, the Nokia Guy, Marco Tempest challenges an iPhone 3GS user to see who can find a nearby deal.. The Nokia Guy wins of course, by using the Groupon app (pinned to his start screen), he has immediate access to nearby deals, while the iPhone user is still typing "nearby d..." on his phone, lol.

I always love to see the look on their faces when they lose... Priceless!

The point of these "smoked by windows phone" or "Lumia Challenge" promos is to show that the windows Phone OS is centered around the user to make things easier and faster.

This was Episode 1 of the "Lumia Challenge", so we will be looking forward to more episodes then!

At&t; President ignores iPhone, shows off "beautifully different" White Nokia Lumia 900

We all felt the earth rumble when Steve Wozniak, Apple Co-founder tweeted that he was going to pick up the Nokia Lumia 900,

Now the latest unlikely person to follow is At&t President Ralph De La Vega, iPhone accounts for probably half of At&t's smartphone sales,but in a bold move Ralph showed off not an iPhone but a white Nokia Lumia 900, much to the dismay of iPhone users. though he did note he had an iPhone conveniently tucked away in his bag.

At&t President Ralph De La Vegas showed off the "white Lumia 900" in an interview with CNBC, he was asked about the iPhone sales and about the iPhone 5 but instead he decided to show off his personal device... the white Nokia lumia 900!

you can watch that video HERE... it's mainly talk about the iPhone but you can just skip to the 7min mark to see the good stuff!

Source: CNBC

White Lumia 900 out of stock Already!

The White Nokia Lumia is already "out of stock" at At&t online store and in stores too, this was foreseeable as most stores only got a couple of the white version, while some lucky stores got up to 4 units, the data connection bug and battery issues were not fix out of the box, you still need to install the update, but that did not deter customers from grabbing this "beautifully different" 900 (including myself).

With Cyan and white sold out and continuously on back ordered, it will be interesting to see just how many of these devices Nokia/At&t sell by the end of the quarter. Data Analysts have already put that figure at 1 million units.

Monday, April 23

Photo: Windows Phone 8 (Apollo) UI

Nokia will be given a free hand by Microsoft to customize/tweak the upcoming WP8 (Apollo).

And I had a couple of ideas of how I wanted certain aspects of the UI to look, feel and behave...

First, the "Tiles", probably the most hated aspect of the Windows Phone OS (hated by most Symbian/Nokia users), but one I have come to live with as it brings something different to the smartphone ecosystem (different from your everyday icons & widgets). However, I would like to see more flexibility with these "tiles", so with the help of Microsoft Paint (it's not your all powerful Adobe Photoshop or Effects application, but it has its own strengths), I created what in my opinion I would like to see in the WP8 UI.

The 2 column tiles on the start screen just does not work, so how about making it a 4 column tiles system, making tiles of different sizes and using the extra space on the right, which just wastes (for no apparent reason), this will get rid of the arrow pointer that points you to the Apps list, but not to worry, just give the UI, the swipe feature (just like on the N9) and that solves that problem, then make the start screen work in landscape mode, I still don't understand why this isn't working by default! Anyway, put all that together with the help of Microsoft Paint and Waah Laah!

Concept: WP8 Start Screen on Lumia 900

Now my next idea is regarding multitasking, Currently if you hold down the "back" button on any WP7 phone, it takes you to the multitasker where you see apps that are running cached! While the WP8 upgrade should bring with it true multitasking, there currently isn't a way to close (kill) an app from the multitasker view, why? well, I was at a developer event recently and someone asked "why" and the answer was that Microsoft didn't believe anyone should want to close apps, and it was better to have it on pause (I personally think that's ridiculous, but that's my opinion).
So for true multitasking when it comes with WP8, let's be able to go into the multitasker and shut down an app by positioning a finger from the top of the desired app and swiping down, no need for a exit button on the top right corner (like in Symbian devices).

 These are just a couple of ideas I have for the Nokia version of WP8 UI that I could replicate using Microsoft Paint.
There are still tons of features I would like to see brought over from the Symbian platform, features as simple as smart dialing, sending contact vcards, bluetooth compatibility with all devices and much more...

Nokia Lumia 900 will get upgraded to Windows Phone 8 Apollo and here's why!

In my humble opinion (and the opinion of a random At&t rep I spoke to the other day), Nokia Lumia devices will get the Windows Phone 8 (aka Apollo) upgrade.

There has been much speculation as to whether or not this will happen, Personally, I have always believed they would get upgraded, and talking to an At&t store manager the other day only proved my point on why current Lumia devices will get this update.

I had a long interesting conversation with an At&t Store Rep, she says even the 1st generation WP7 phones (Samsung Focus and the rest of them) will get upgraded to WP8. This makes sense, we did see those 1st generation WP7 phones get upgraded to WP7:Mango, and if you remember, the "mango" upgrade brought with it over 500+ new features and improvements.

Also, on the business end, it does not make any sense for Nokia or At&t to spend so much money on the Lumia 900 marketing only to phase out the device before the end of the year to make way for so-called WP8 phones.

Whether or not current WP7 phones get the WP8 depends on the answer to one question  
"what really is WP8?"
A. Is it a new smartphone OS, running on a totally different engine than the current WP7 OS? or
B. Is it an upgrade bringing with it new features, functionality and UI?

If the answer is A, then there is a chance (50/50) that current devices will not support it and therefore will not get this WP8. Kinda like how Symbian^3 devices like the N8s E7s will not get the full Belle FP2 due to hardware constraints.

If the answer is B, then most definitely WP8 will be on all current and 1st generation WP7 phones, take for example, the Nokia Belle update which was an upgrade of features, functionality and UI to existing Symbian Anna devices, there's was no problem there in upgrading those devices, I would think there wouldn't be a problem in upgrading Lumia devices either.

My point is there are more reasons why existing WP7 devices will get the WP8 upgrade than why not!

Magenta Nokia Lumia 900 shows up on Nokia Facebook page

If you head over to Nokia's Facebook Page, you get a chance to demo different colors of any of the Lumia phones...
You can demo the Lumia 800 in black, white, magenta and cyan. The Lumia 710 with yellow, black, white, cyan and magenta back covers. The Lumia 610 in white, black, cyan and magenta also.

The Lumia 900 is currently available in White, Black and Cyan, no word from either Nokia or At&t if the phone will be available in Magenta, which seems to be the only color missing from the Lumia line-up. But it is now on the Nokia Facebook "Demo the Lumia" Facebook page.

Well up until now, the magenta version was only spotted on the demo screen at at an At&t store by a WPCentral can see that photo here

Rumor has it that this version will be released on Mother's Day here in the US.

This sighting only proves that this version does indeed exist, though there is no word from Nokia or At&t camp on when it will hit stores.

Source: WMPU

Nokia to sell 1million Lumia 900s by end of June!

According to data put together by Town Hall Investment Research, the Nokia Lumia 900 should have sold up to 1 MILLION units by the end of the Q2.

Though this number is based on a very successful Windows Developer: FourBros Studios, makers of the most popular game on WP7 phones; Taptitude, (it has been downloaded more than 300,000 times, it is a free app that fetches the developers $1,400/day from Ads)

Town Hall reports...

In this regard, we were intrigued by a recent analysis from Aapo Markkanen, Senior Analyst with ABI Research. In a brief Insight, Aapo alluded to a recent blog post from an independent app developer, FourBros Studio. In the post, FourBros highlighted its recent success with Taptitude, a free game on WP7. It further highlights how the app’s user base was split among different WP7 devices over the last thirty days. Aapo then took the data, made some assumptions and came up with the conclusion that Lumia 900 sales at AT&T are tracking at a level in excess of 1 million for Q2, 2012. Should this be accurate, we believe it would significantly exceed street expectations for the Lumia 900 and be the first real indicator of potential success for Nokia and Microsoft.

Nevertheless, for such a figure to be reached using any method or data is a pretty good sign that last Q1's drastic fall in Nokia Stock was just a pit that Nokia's climbing out of.

The Nokia Lumia 900 Cyan is currently sold out at At&t stores and online retailers, and Nokia has said they have upped production to meet up with demand, while the white version of the device just got released over the weekend.

Source: WMPU

(Video) Skype matures from Beta Phase, Now available in the Marketplace

Popular VoIP service Skype is now available in the Marketplace and out of its beta phase.

But it is nothing to write home about. Microsoft should have left it in its beta stage as this app is far from complete,
The only notable feature added between the beta version and the newly released version is that you can now search for and add new contacts to your list.

The biggest flaw of this app is that you can only use it in the foreground, Skype app has to be on your screen and running before you can use it to make or receive calls, it does NOT run in the background, which makes the Skype App totally USELESS.
A third party similar VoIP voice/video calling service called "Tango" works in the background, so I am baffled why this isn't so with Skype

It also does not work, if you are connect your WP7 phone to your PC (USB),

Also, incoming calls, alarms or device notifications like "low battery" would end a Skype call. WOW!

Here's the worst part, Skype, a service known for its cheap rates for calls, will not work on low end WP7 (Lumia 610) as it requires 512MB RAM minimum and the 610 has only 256MB, so if you buy the low budget WP7 you will be unable to use this low budget app! Oh the irony!

All in all, after a year since acquiring Skype, Microsoft has failed to give us a worthy Skype app for WP7. It's sad, it truly is.

On a brighter note, Skype Inc. is aware of the various issues (no background running and no support for 256MB RAM WP7 phones), so they put out a statement saying...

“As outlined in our Skype Garage blog, we are aware of various issues on the Skype for Windows Phone app, including minimum memory support requirement. This is our first version of the Skype for Windows Phone app. To ensure our customers have the best Skype experience possible today, the Skype for Windows Phone app currently requires devices with Windows Phone 7.5 and higher 512 MB of memory. We’re invest (sic) in improving the Skype for Windows Phone app to deliver a great experience and plan to resolve issues and build new features on an ongoing basis.”

This is only v1.0 and more updates with better compatibility and new features should make its way to the app in the future. Microsoft and Skype it seems were forced to push out this "medium rare" steak app!

Sources: WPCentral & PCWorld

New SkyDrive App for windows PC, claim your 25GB storage free now!

A Windows PC app for SkyDrive is now available, it is very similar to the popular dropox, but Windows Phone users (or "Microsoft Live" account holders) will enjoy 25GB of free storage (DropBox only offers 2GB free).

 With this new app for Windows PC, you can
  • Access your SkyDrive directly from Windows Explorer - photos, documents and all your other important files.
  • Quickly add new files to SkyDrive by dragging them to the SkyDrive folder.
  • Easily organise your files and folders in SkyDrive, just like any other folder.
  • Connect back to your PC if you forget to put something in SkyDrive.

You can check out the Windows phone version HERE

This update currently gives Live users only 7GB storage (this can hold 70,000 docs or 7000 pics), there is an option to upgrade to the 25GB free storage, so remember to claim your 25GB of Storage, by going HERE

There are now other storage options you can choose from (if 25GB is just not enough), you have...
  • 45GB for $10/yr
  • 75GB for $25/yr
  • 125GB for $50/yr
 Skydrive is also available for iPhone, see the SkyDrive in action:

Download this Windows PC app,

Source: WMPU

Appisode 100: Translator App for your Lumia devices

Just last week, my younger sister asked me to make an app that allows to say anything into your phone and have your words translated into any language of your choice. She said I should hurry up and develop this "revolutionary app" before anyone else thought about it, LOL, little did she know Microsoft already had one complete.

Dear Sis, i give you the Translator App for windows phone.
Translator App, developed by Microsoft and does what its name implies, it translates, I'm sure you are wondering well so does any other translate app out there, whats so special about it?
 Let me now tell you what makes this app stand out from any other translator app on any mobile platform (Android, iPhone, MeeGo or Symbian).

It translates text, just key in your text and translate to any language of your choice.

it translates your voice, yup, just say anything and listen to the translated version.

Augmented translation, I don't think iPhone or Android has this, point your camera on any text and watch it translate it right before your eyes.

Other smartphones might have their own translator apps, but they are not smarter than the translator for windows phone.

But here's the crown jewel feature of the translator app, it works in offline mode, you can actually download a whole language pack, install it on your phone and use it offline, unlike the Android or iPhone variants which required internet connection, with Microsoft's Translator app, you can use it in offline mode.
For example say you are in a nice remote village (the avid traveler that your are) in Italy and it just so happens that there's no mobile internet connection there and you need to interact with locales to learn about their culture, you can talk to a native and have them speak into your phone and thanks to offline mode, you still get a translation even though there isn't any data connection

here's a video demo of the Translator App:

The Translator App can be found in the Windows Marketplace, It's free!

(Video) Hands on with the White Nokia Lumia 900

Here's a quick look at the Nokia Lumia 900 in "glossy" white. Which got released on Apr 22nd, 2 weeks after the Cyan and Black Lumia 900 debuted. It is indeed beautifully different, Nokia has not failed to impress with this one, if you thought the Cyan (currently sold out and on back order at most At&t stores and online retailers) was really neat, wait to you get your hands on the white Lumia 900, it's an absolute beauty. Unlike the Cyan and black versions of the Lumia 900 which have matte finish, this white comes with a glossy finish, which makes it pretty shiny and eye candy (just like in the TV Ad). Though, many have speculated that this finish will be detrimental to the physical state of the device over time, as it might to susceptible to scratches and stains, of course, none of this has been confirmed... yet! I am really looking for to seeing how the white Lumia 900 does in the market compared to the cyan version which is already stealing the show.

Friday, April 20

Pics: White Nokia Lumia 900 already being sold at some At&t; Stores

Friday morning here, what am I doing? Calling every At&t store in my locale to see which one has the coveted White Lumia 900 and sadly none, absolutely NONE! I got kinda good news and bad news.
the bad news first, Some At&t Reps I talked to didn't even know the phone comes in white (Oh the Horror!!) and had no idea when it would be available, on the other hand, the good news, one store rep I talked to said he would sell it to me on the 21st, that's tomorrow!!! he seem really knowledgeable about the device, he knew it was supposed to be sold on the 22nd but offered it to me a day earlier!

The White Nokia Lumia 900 is already being sold at some At&t stores, and to prove it here are a couple of pics Nokia US President Chris Weber got sent to him on his twitter:

I have no idea what locations are already selling it, but I am jealous!

I really love the white especially after I played with one last week at a developer event sponsored by Nokia.
The sleek design of the piece of art is really exquisite. The glossy finish makes the device exceptional too, have this and you would really stand out.

Hopefully I will scout around tomorrow and see if I can get one!

At&t;'s funny TV commercial for the Nokia Lumia 900

There are now a bunch of SmartPhoneBetaTest TV Ads which takes jabs at Nokia's rivals Android and iPhone, while maybe just one of them is slightly funny.

But no one does funny Ads better than At&t (in the Network carrier business), they have been in the game long enough and know America loves funny Ads (Just watch the Super Bowl during half time).
At&t's TV Ad for the Lumia 900 is quite funny and is something a lot of people can relate to and laugh about too, I know I have tried the stunt in this video before and FYI it works 50% of the time :-)

Oh Megan, when did you get here? lol

Nokia TGIF: Nokia Lumia 800 Launch Party in the Phillipines

Nokia threw a Launch party for the Lumia 800 in the Phillipines.
here's a video posted by Mark Guim of TheNokiaBlog, who was at the event...

Video Description:
Globe Postpaid NOKIA LUMIA 800 launch event on April 18, 7pm at Beso Cucina Vinoteka, Bonifacio High Street Central, The Fort, Manila, Philippines. 

Having fun the kinect way

Globe Telecom is the exclusive Philippine carrier of Nokia Lumia 800. Globe subscribers can take advantage of customizable My Super Plan UnliSurf Combo Plans, which provide users with unlimited and worry-free mobile browsing, call and text freebies plus boosters to boot.

Blue Man group??

During the launch party, Globe raffled 30 Nokia Lumia 610 devices and 5 Nokia lumia 800 devices.

Though there was no Nicki Minaj in this one, there was music, fun and games and as you can see lots of prizes were won and it looks like the people had fun.