The New Nokia Lumia 920

Allow me to introduce the New nokia Lumia 920, with a Dual Core 1.5Ghz SnapDragon CPU, 4.5inch Super sensitive curved screen, 8.7MP PureView Camera, PureMotion HD+, 16GB storage, wireless charging and lots more

The New Nokia Lumia 820

The New nokia Lumia 820 is here, with a 1.5GHz Dual Core SnapDragon CPU, 4.3inch CBD screen, 8MP Carl Zeiss Lens, 16GB storage with SD card slot, wireless charging and lots more

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Unboxing the White Nokia 808 PureView

The Nokia 808 PureView is now available in the US, and here's what is inside!

Unboxing the Nokia Purity HD In-Ear HeadSets

Unboxing and reviewing the Nokia Purity HD In-Ear HeadSet, the latest and pretty awesome HD headphones from Nokia and Monster. welcome to audio heaven!

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Thursday, May 31

Symbian Donna (Belle FP2) aka PR3.0 available this September?

By September, all traces of 1st Gen. symbian devices (N8 C7 E7, maybe not E6) will be gone and replaced by the more powerful 2nd gen. 603, 700, 701 and 808 PureView leading the pack and during that same period (if this rumor is true) the next major update to Symbian should be released, the Symbian Donna (not official name) or Belle FP2 is said to be coming out this Sept. if  reports from Symbian-developer is true...
here is a screenshot of the data:

The Note at the bottom there states that the PR3.0 (FP2) is planned for a week 36 (September) 2012.


Nokia announces "Dark Knight" themed Lumia 900

Nokia announced via its Twitter, that it will be unleashing the Dark Knight themed Lumia 900 in coming weeks.

The phone is a reminder of the limited edition Dark Knight themed Lumia 800 (there were only 40 of them) that were distributed to select few last year.

There is no difference between this version and your regular Lumia 900 function/feature wise, and under no circumstances should it be compared to Batman's utility belt.
However, the main difference is the Dark Knight logo laser-ed in at the bottom on the back of the device, it comes only on the Black matte finish Lumia 900.

Nokia phones have been making cameo's in the Batman franchise, since Chris Nolan took over, if you remember it was the Nokia 5800 that was used to disable the skyscraper building's security in Honk Kong, when batman went to get the mob's accountant (in Batman II: Dark Knight)

It will be available in coming weeks to UK, Germany, France and other European markets (no word on a US appearance) and exactly how many will be available? no one knows, but it is said to be in very limited quality.

Here are shots of the elusive device:

Nokia, Windows Phone and the road ahead

Nokia to disappear in 2012?
I remember reading an article exactly a year ago from 24/7 Wall Str. about how Nokia could be one of the 10 brands to disappear in 2012.
The 10 disappearing brands include... Sony Pictures, A&W, SAAB, American Apparel, Sears, Sony Ericsson, Kellogg corn pops, MySpace, Soap Opera Digest and Nokia!

I think 24/7 Wall St. were right 2 out of 10 so far, I mean Sony Ericsson is now just "Sony Mobile", so technically that brand name is gone, thought the company still very much exists.
then MySpace, but to be fair, MySpace disappeared before 2012, heck they were gone before the start of 2010!
A&W makers of all American food are still alive, SAAB has gone either they even have a sleek concept car called the SAAB Phoenix, The last time I was at a mall I saw American Apparels and Sears stores there, so as far as I know they are still kicking, Soap opera digest, well I have no clue what that is and then there's Kellog's Corn Pops which is still in stores and is still drank with milk!

Why hasn't Nokia Disappeared?
and then there's Nokia, ironically the situation with Nokia is quite the opposite, they had disappeared in the US prior to 2012, and in 2012 instead of disappearing totally, they did a U-turn and their presence can now be felt in the US! with the first LTE enabled windows phone, the Lumia 900, the 4.3inch screen and 8MP Carl Zeiss lens optics and its beautifully made uni-body which comes in 4 different colors.

The Road ahead...
Though, some might argue that it's only half of 2012 now, I don't think Nokia has any plans of disappearing soon (certainly not this year). Which makes the rumor that Facebook will be buying Nokia all the more utterly ridiculous, surely Facebook will disappear long before Nokia does and it all comes down to what Microsoft has to offer regarding its mobile OS (WP).

 Nokia has reached its end of the deal with Microsoft by putting out great hardware (Lumia 610, 710, 800 and 900), while WP has not exactly returned the favor by putting out a competitive OS, however, there's no doubt that that will change before the end of the year (with WP8?)

Unification between Your Phone and PC/Tablet

Windows8/WP8 fully launches later this year and though there is no official press release from either companies, much is expected from the new OS, just like the picture above, there will be seamless connectivity between Windows Phones, Tablets and PCs, fully integration of Skype, new office/business mobile solutions (for businesses), an ever growing marketplace, and the ability for developers to develop apps across all devices (PC, tablets and Phones) with ease like never before.

What does Windows Phone OS success mean for Nokia?
Many experts have already predicted the success of windows phone and for good reason, but so far its only Nokia who is placing a bet on the not-so-popular OS, as you know success has many parents, while failure is an orphan, failure has promised to go to rehab and clean up its act so Nokia adopted "failure" with the hope that failure will become a success.
So what happens when Windows Phone OS becomes a success, every manufacturer is going to want a piece of the action, and where does that leave Nokia? Hopefully, Nokia has a plan to make sure they are your number one choice when it comes to windows phone, after all, they did take the risk in adopting the OS when everyone else went the android way. So far the only plans they have is making some apps exclusive (for a period of time) to the Nokia devices and making proprietary apps (Nokia maps, Drive, Transport) and putting out amazing hardware, but to be fair, I don't think that's going to cut it. HTC, which is fast catching up to Nokia in terms of hardware already have their own set of proprietary apps as well, while Samsung can use its brand name from its android devices to get its own niche of WP users
Nokia will need to come up with better ways of making sure they get all the credit /profit for when the WP8 becomes a HIT!

So will Nokia be disappearing before the end of 2012? Only if the Mayan calendar turns out to be true!

Friday, May 25

Future Nokia Phones to be waterproof!?

So Nokia is planning on releasing its future Nokia Windows Phone (and maybe Symbian) to be fully waterproof! How is this possible? NANO Technology.
 There was a video from Nokia Conversation a couple of months back demoing this technology, so let me refresh your memory:

Conor Pierce, VP of Nokia Western Europe unveiled the company's new "superhydrophopic" technology at the Lumia 610 launch in London on Thursday, saying that it will be coming to future Nokia mobile devices.

He also explains how it works... "Nano technology lets us do it. Superhydrophobic technology makes water bounce, it stops it, rolls it off the device and leaves it water impregnant, that's the magic, that's what we're going to bring to the party."

The is nothing revolutionary about the technology, in fact I saw a bunch of waterproof everything (laptops, tablets, phones) at last January's CES show in Las Vegas.

But it's good to know that Nokia will be including this as a standard for all its upcoming high end Windows Phones.
Especially since Android makers Motorola are also plotting the same.

Read more on how the nano technology water-proof stuff works HERE


Nokia TGIF: Lumia 900 makes cameo is another Flo Rida music Video

It's friday, yay! time to sit back, relax and enjoy the 3-day weekend...

Here's Flo Rida's new music video featuring the White glossy Lumia 900.
I cannot count how many videos this guy has with Nokia phones in them, 5800, Lumia 710, now Lumia 900...

Today I realized that i cannot whistle :(

Nokia Carla has been Nokia Belle FP1 all along, "Belle Refresh" update coming to N8 and friends

The guys at GSMArena were contacted by a Nokia Rep to clarify about its updates and who gets what.

Nokia Carla is and has always been Belle FP1, Belle FP1 is only coming to the newer Symbian devices 603, 700 and 603 and we will see it out of the box on Nokia 808 Pureview which is scheduled to go on sale starting next months in some countries before globally becoming available (including in the US, according to US Nokia President Chris Weber).

So while these newer Symbian phones get the Belle FP1 update which comes with new set of widgets, improved browser with HTML5 support, Dolby Headphone, new version of Nokia Maps, improved notification bar and multitasking view, and the Microsoft Apps. The update will also increase the clock speed on the Nokia 700 and 701 from 1GHz to 1.3GHz.

The older Symbian devices (1st gen.) N8, E7, C7 and the rest will get a lesser update, an update that has been called Nokia Belle Refresh, no confirmation however on what this update will include, but it is speculated that this update includes the new v8.2 browser and other changes to the OS.

Both Nokia Belle FP1 and Nokia Belle Refresh are scheduled to roll out soon, pretty soon.


Thursday, May 24

Facebook for Windows Phone v2.5 now available, New cool features included

It was a exactly a month ago when I wrote a POST about the Facebook for windows phone team announcing via their facebook page that the windows phone app would be getting a major update.

Well it is finally here, after a month of waiting

Here is what v2.5 brings...

- Threaded messaging
Full Facebook threaded messaging including group messaging, all in a beautiful Metro style design.

- Tagging
Now you can tag friends and locations in your posts in the ‘with’ and ‘at’ format.

- Delete posts and comments
Use the tap and hold context menu to delete posts and comments from your wall.

- Active links in posts
Tap on links in posts to go directly to the content.

- Updates to the photo comments and likes page
The photo comments and likes page has been updated to match the posts comments and likes page. You can see a hint of the image at the top of the page, pull down and you can see the whole thing.

- And finally, by popular demand…
…you can now ‘like’ comments!

If you don't see the update yet, just go to the marketplace and select the facebook app (you can't miss it, its the only one on there), if you already have it installed, press the "share" then go back, you should now see the update!

or just scan the code to get the download

Wednesday, May 23

Nokia Carla is Nokia Belle FP2!

I know Nokia did say Symbian will be supported till 2016, but I never believed Symbian would be alive and kicking in 2016, especially with the momentum of Nokia's Lumia Windows Phones.
Nokia marketing manager Mattia Fiorin in a Q&A session in Italy had this to say about the forthcoming Carla update as reported by Italian Nokia Blog, it's translated to English so don't mind the grammar...

FP1 for N8 will be available soon, and will include, in particular, the updating of the browser to the new version 8.2 and Nokia Social.
The update will still be small compared to the official FP1, already available for the S^3 terminals that support it, adapted to the processor on the N8 (already exploited almost to the limit with the latest updates).
Probably there will be a minimal overclock the processor (as far as possible for ARM11 mounted on N8).
According Fiorin always, then, N8 will also FP2 (as Carla was shelved ).
So the FP1 update should be available soon, we have even seen it pop up in Navifirm, the N8's browser will get upgraded to v8.2,  and a new version of Nokia Social, nothing said about gallery or anything else, but then again who knows if the N8 and other 1st generation Symbian^3 phones can handle anymore upgrades with their mediocre hardware.
He also talks about minimal overclock, and I know the N8 and family can be overclocked, but will this make any significant difference? We'll see.

The N8 will also get the FP2 update what that would consist of exactly is beyond me, I don't know how much more the N8 can take! hopefully, the 808 should be out by then and doing so well that N8 users should have replaced theirs with the 808 Pureview and forgotten about the Camera Legend N8.

I reckon after the FP2 update for the N8 and family, that might be the end of updates on that front, but not necessarily the end of Symbian just yet, as the new crop (603, 700, 701 and 808 Pureview) will take over.



NO WP8 Apollo update for current WP7 Phones due to hardware restrictions?

OK, This is the last time I am going to write about anything that has to do with WP8 Apollo update.

Last week, I was unwittingly informed by a Microsoft insider that existing WP7 (Nokia Lumia's family) will NOT get the WP8 upgrade mainly due to hardware differences, now before you (a recent Lumia 900 owner) get all upset, WP7 phones will however get updates, just like the Tango (aka Windows Phone refresh update) that is due later this week, updates that have nothing to do with this related hardware.

Now what exactly is this hardware component that's restricting existing WP7 phones from getting the update? well, that's the million dollar question. Is it dual core processors? more RAM? or something as simple as NFC?

I will place my bet on NFC, since the Lumia 610 with NFC will be released in August (around the same time WP8 is supposed to debut).

So look at it this way, this whole upgrade debacle can be likened to how Nokia 603 700 and 701 were upgraded to Symbian Carla while the lesser Symbian^3 devices will get a FP1 lite update, same as carla update but LITE!

So while, there will be new WP8 devices with higher hardware specs that do support WP8, existing WP7 devices will get sort of a LITE version of the WP8.

OK, that's it. Until Microsoft or Nokia do release an official statement regarding the update, I'm done here!

Nokia World Event downgraded! Now rescheduled for Sept 5th/6th

The Nokia World Event which was originally scheduled for September 25th has been moved up, It's now going to be held September 5th and 6th, and the whole Event Format has been downgraded from its traditional HUGE Event for everyone to a "Press conference" status with only invited guests (Operators and Retail Partners); I think this is the first time Nokia is closing its Nokia World Event from the Public.

So what's with the change? I dunno! Speculation is that Nokia is trying to save money, but I don't think Nokia is that broke that they would downgrade such an iconic once-in-a-year event for them and if they are indeed broke then... (bites fingernails)

Also the event is moved to an earlier date, so I guess Nokia are excited and cannot wait to show what they have got, huh?!

Here's the Official statement from Nokia:
We have made some changes to the format and date of Nokia World 2012: Instead of a single big event, we will run a number of smaller, more intimate events with specific audiences in mind.
 The first of these will take place in Helsinki on September 5-6. This event will be invitation only and cater primarily to our operator and retail partners.
  Other Nokia World activities will be announced in the weeks and months ahead.

The statement does say that there will be further announcements regarding the Nokia World activities in the coming weeks/months. So we will see.

The new Windows Phone 8 Nokia devices are expected to be unveiled at the event, along with maybe a Windows 8 tablet? or maybe not

Tuesday, May 22

Vertu follows in Nokia' footsteps, releases Constellation Candy Phones

While Nokia is pondering whether or not to sell its Luxury Phone making division (Vertu) for $264.29million, they have decided to have some fun with its Vertu Phones as they do with their S40, Symbian, MeeGo and Windows Phones, by adding colors... bright colors!

Vertu will be releasing its constellation candy collection this summer...

Obviously, these phones are for the fashion minded upper class citizens, they are no ordinary phones, they are made from Alligator skin (sorry PETA) and natural gemstones, so it's safe to say these aren't phones, they are pieces of jewelry!
These phones run on Symbian, yes Symbian, but before you say anything, remember these are not really phones, they are jewelry, I don't think anyone would buy this with the intent of playing "Angry Birds" or "Doodle Jump"

These gemstones now come in many many colors: Raspberry, Tangerine, Mint Green, White Sapphire Leather, Pink Leather, Black Leather and more...

Here are some images,

The Constellation Candy phone collection is available in the UAE, China, EU, Hong Kong, India, Macau, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland, Ukraine, and Vietnam.

Will you get one? <<< that's me being sarcastic :)


Soundtracker Radio for Symbian and MeeGo updated to v2.0.4

With Soundtracker, you can
  • Listen to more than 13 million fully licensed songs - any artist, any genre, anytime
  • Create and share personal radio stations
  • Play music with friends in real time
  • Search your city for popular music and people with similar taste 
  • Share your favorite stations on social networks
It is available on Symbian and MeeGo devices, you can get it from the BetaLabs

So what's new in the version 2.0.4?..
  • Developed in Qt
  • Added privacy policy and terms for service text inside the app
  • Added exit button to Symbian
  • User notification when a Facebook and Twitter invitation is sent
  • Scroll bar for Facebook login
  • Redirect user back to the phone menu fro the app
  • Added follow/un-follow user to profile 
 Get Soundtracker for Nokia Symbian and the Nokia N9 from the BetaLabs

Soundtracker is also available for Nokia Lumia Windows Phones

Nokia Transit 2.0 Beta now available for Nokia Lumia & Symbian/Meego phones (via BetaLabs)

There's a new Beta version to Nokia Transit/Transport. I really don't know the name of the App, on my phone it says "Nokia Transit" but in BetaLabs, it's registered as "Nokia Transport". It's not an issue as long as it does what it says it will do without any hassle.

The new features/improvements with this v2.0 beta version is

  • Find nearby stations, departure times and even types of transit lines available around your location.
  • Improved search:
    - Remember your last search query
    -Change your search without leaving the journey view
  • Improved performance
    - Faster display of upcoming journeys
    - Faster journey request 
You can download Nokia Transit 2.0 Beta from the Nokia BetaLabs, The version in the marketplace is still v1.2, so if you install it (v2.0) from the BetaLabs you will have 2 versions on your phone, so you might want to uninstall the v1.2 first.

With this release you can find nearby transit stations and see upcoming departure times. Take the underground instead of the bus if there is heavy traffic on the way, or travel just by tram to get a better look at the city!

Nokia Transport 2.0 is also available for Nokia Symbian Belle devices and on MeeGo N9

Save gas.. get on the bus! Use Nokia Transit/Transport

New Belle Firmware 111.030.610 for Nokia N8 available over at Navifirm

The guys at SymbianTweet got a tip that a new firmware version was spotted for the Nokia N8, though this firmware was spotted for the spanish variant of the device, it will still pop up for more variants as time goes on!

There's no confirmation on the added features this update brings to belle, it might be the Belle FP1 for N8 many have been waiting for, I don't have my N8 to flash and test it out, as I had to give it to my cousin who went on vacation in New York (she didn't have a decent digital camera :).


[UPDATE] It looks like this firmware update contains mainly bug fixes, there is no visible changes, browser, media player, and everything is still the same with 111.030.609

Nokia Store (Symbian Belle) updated to v3.28.025 (via Nokia BetaLabs)

Nokia BetaLabs have released the latest update to the Nokia Store Client, it's version v3.28.025 and it brings with it the following new features/improvements...
  • improved client stability when the client gets into the situation of connection loss
  • supports sign-in using Facebook account
  • improved reliability when downloading large DRM protected files
  • changed the UI of the “contact us” page
  • other error fixes 
The new notable feature is that you can now sign in using your Facebook account!
The new Store client works on Symbian^3, Anna and Bella devices! 

Check it out for yourself, Update to the latest Nokia Store Client from Nokia BetaLabs

And as always remember to leave your feedback

Appisode 110: AirShip Challenge for Nokia Lumia Phones

This is a nice game for kids IMHO, it combines tilt + tap feature in this one.
control your plane and tap when you have a fruit in your bullseye!
It's colorful graphics (hence why its more for kids) and neat controls, with melodious sound makes it a child's HIT!
 Game Description
Fly the Sportacus Airship and navigate your way through the clouds over LazyTown collecting 
SportsCandy to earn points. Avoid the cannon balls or you'll lose power!

Video Demo:

It's a FREE game, and you will love it on your BIG screen Lumia 900, or rather your kids will love it!

Get Airship challenge from the Marketplace for FREE

Appisode 109: Ape the Wall for Nokia Lumia Phones

If you saw King Kong when you were little (I'm talking the black&white old school, and not the newer CGI one), then you wouldn't remember in detail how he got to the top of the empire state building.
Well, Ape the wall shows you how, lol. It's a game where you have to control the Ape as he races to the top, dodge balconies, different animals and falling rock. But it's not all bad, if you are lucky to catch a bird/plane (depending on what theme you are playing), it can fly you a few meters upwards, but be careful where you land when you let go or it might be game over!


Ape the Wall is FREE from the Marketplace

Appisode 108: Basketball for Nokia Lumia Phones

In the spirit of the NBA playoffs, I decided to see if there are any basketball games, much like HOOPS for Symbian, and this was the closest I got and it's conveniently called "Basketball" there is also another app that's called Basketball in the marketplace, which I find odd that 2 separate apps share exactly the same name! but I digress.

Symbian's Hoop's game is so much better than this though, but nevertheless, Basketball is still a decent shooting hoops game, once you start to play you can tell it's still in its basic stage, not a lot of options to play (just arcade and survival mode), no high score global ranking and not many features, I hope the developer will improve this game as it has a lot of potential.

Check it out:

It's a simple fun basketball shooting game and it's FREE!! Get it HERE

Appisode 107: Breeze (Free Xbox Live game) for Nokia Lumia Phones

Breeze, an Xbox Live game where you guide a sunflower with the power of the breeze to the finish line, and try not to touch the walls or obstacles or your flower bursts to petals! and you have to be quick too, as there is a timer!
You can guide it by tapping on the side the want the breeze to come from or you can use the tilt feature, personally I prefer the tapping input method.

Here is the fun game demoed by me:

Breeze will cost you.. Absolutely NOTHING, it's FREE! Get it HERE

Appisode 106: BulletAsylum for Nokia Lumia Phones

Game Description:
Annihilate invaders with a wall of firepower in this insane arcade shooter.
BulletAsylum delivers over-the-top action, melding classic gameplay with next generation visuals and 
mechanics. With an insane amount of firepower at your fingertips, vibrant graphics, and an 
all-you-can-shoot buffet of alien hordes to destroy. BulletAsylum will blow you away.
This is a "Shoot em off" game! but the BIG thing is that its a multi-touch game! But it's greatest strength 
is its greatest weakness "multi-touch", since I had to use both fingers from my two hands, I found my 
fingers bumping into one another and sometimes it got so crowded I couldnt see what I was shooting at!

See what I mean:

You can try of buy for $1.99 from the Marketplace

Appisode 105: Call of Carlos for Nokia Lumia Phones

Ah, Call of Carlos is a free "Tilt+Tap" game and it is wickedly addictive, all you have to do is tilt and tap your way to the exit before the growing lava gets you!
Oh and you have to get the diamonds along your way to gain more points!

I think it might be the best FREE game on Lumia right now (more will definitely come).

See for yourself:

Get Call of Carlos for FREE from the Marketplace.

Appisode 104: Chickens can't fly for Nokia Lumia Phones

One of the better Xbox live games I have played so far, I mean it's good but I have played some better ones, but nonetheless, chickens can't fly is pretty decent, it brings with it a nice storyline behind the gameplay, a gameplay which is pretty good, involves a combination of tilting and tapping your phone (always love a good tilt+tap game)

maneuver the chicken through obsatacles, pick up power up and other perks along the way and just generally have fun!

see the video demo:

You can get it from the Marketplace for $2.99

Appisode 103: Doodle Jump for Nokia Lumia Phones

The most addictive game EVER! Everyone knows doodle jump, its on every mobile platform out there and it is fun and hard to put down, simply the best game ever.

Ironically, I had never played it before, there are many many variations of the game (like monster-up), it wasn't until the doodle jump game started showing up on TV (check it out)

Anyways, so I downloaded doodle jump and here it is, in case there a rare chance you haven't seen or played it before...

Doodle jump is so good, it shouldn't be expensive on Windows phone but should be free or $0.99 so as to attract new windows phone users, but sadly the game is $2.99, for a game so simply and yet so addictive, Windows Phone should consider lowering the price to rival its competition

Get it from the marketplace HERE

Appisode 102: EVAC for Nokia Lumia Phones

When I saw the screenshots to this game, first thing that crossed my mind was "Pac-Man". I think this is a hybrid version of Pac-Man, the controls in my opinion are awful and can be refined to be more responsive, the gameplay is ok (if you love Pac-Man, then you wouldn't have a problem with this one).
I didn't like the game that much, but then again I wasn't a fan of Pac-Man either...

Video Demo:

So if you love Pac-Man, but would like to play a decent spin-off, then EVAC is here for you, you can get it from the marketplace for $1.99

Appisode 101: Feed me Oil for Nokia Lumia Phones

If you have played enigmo on Lumia phones, then this is no different really, you can check out my review of enigmo for Lumia phones HERE

With "Feed me oil", well its quite the same with Enigmo, the difference is that its more colorful and just looks more fun than enigmo.
The aim of the game is simply, try to feed the monsters oil from the pipes, you will be given different props to use across levels to help you in completing the task.

See the video Demo:

This fun game comes with multiple levels that will keep you playing and playing... and playing. the best part is its only $0.99 in the marketplace.

Monday, May 21

Video Documentary on the making of the Nokia 808 PureView

I just saw this video Nokia uploaded on the making of the Nokia 808 PureView, and this 8min+ short film is shot solely with the Nokia 808 PureView, WOW!

If you have ever wanted to know about the Nokia 808 PureView and you have 8mins to spare, then you should watch this short documentary, it talks about how the Nokia 808 was built by a team of 400 people, starting with a sketch on a Napkin 5years ago in a restaurant in Tokyo (sounds like a movie huh?)

Here it is: Nokia 808 PureView (5yrs in the making)


I'm getting this phone.

Sunday, May 20

Nokia Army App for Lumia (for Nokia Employees only)

I was playing around the marketplace when I discovered a new app called Nokia Army.

Nokia Army is a Nokia Tool for Nokia Army members to use when visiting and supporting retail in the US and Nokia Army members are NOT US Marines or Navy Seals, they are Nokia Employees, this is an internal App obviously and that's why I was surprised it was available in the markeplace.

I guess these Army members are part of the Operation Rolling Thunder Chris Weber was talking about earlier this year.

This App is only useful if you are a Nokia Employee as you would need to log in with your internal email to access it. and there's even a website:

Anyone know if Nokia is recruiting?

WhatsApp updated to v2.0 on Lumia, 2.6.91 on Symbian & Wazapp updated to v0.2 on Meego N9

WhatsApp just got updated across all Nokia fronts...

On Lumia devices, WhatsApp got updated to v2.0, with this new update comes the bility to now add a profile pic, I also noticed the app now starts up faster than before, which is a good thing especially since Windows Phone's idea of multi-tasking is deeply flawed (will be corrected in WP8), then there are other minor bugs fixes (under the hood improvements). get whatsapp 2.0 for Lumia.

On Symbian devices, WhatsApp got updated to v2.6.91, this updates is mainly brings minor bug fixes and improvements, nothing to see here! get whatsapp 2.6.91for symbian

For the MeeGo running N9, the unofficial WhatsApp client Wazapp, in less than a week from release gets a quick update to v0.2 and it brings a whole lot of goodies...
Change log v0.2:

  • Revamped UI! Big thanks to CepiPerez!
  • Fixed crash on sync when trying to decode a None status (Should fix initializing then crash issue)
  • Now links in Speechbubbles are parsed and clickable (Thanks to @knobtviker)
  • Splash screen is now swipable (thanks to MohammedAG)
  • Splash picture is cooler now (Thanks to flopjoke)
  • Added autocheck of updates and fetching changelog
  • Notifications now don't interrupt calls/music
  • Notification sound changed to default chat sound (change-able from "Sound and Vibration" in phone settings)
  • Clicking notification now opens conversation directly
  • If inside conversation already, new messages are notified via a short vibration
  • Now conversation bubbles are not duplicated after sync
  • Now handling connection sudden termination (recv 0 bytes) during login
  • Status bar is hidden now in conversation landscape mode
  • If reader thread fails for any reason connection is restarted automatically now
  • Context menu when hold down to a speech bubble, currently contains "copy" only
  • Added ability to delete conversations. Holding down a conversation item in chats window opens menu.
  • Now a ping is sent every 3 minutes to make sure connection is alive
  • Added "No contacts yet" label when there are no contacts
  • Temporarily disabled auto sync when there are no contacts (solves crash on sync cases)
 Get Wazapp for Nokia N9

So whatever platform you are running on your Nokia phone, get updated!

Friday, May 18

Wazapp 0.1.8 Beta (WhatsApp Client) for Nokia N9 now AVAILABLE!!!

One of the reasons why I couldn't use my Nokia N9 anymore was because it lacked a WhatsApp client.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's finally here, the one you've all been waiting for.

Wazapp is a third party whatsApp client for N9, since WhatsApp Inc. have failed to make one for the platform (even though more than 12,000 people have asked for it!).

This is v0.1.8 and it's currently in beta phase but I have installed it on my N9 and it works pretty well, it has the basic functions of whatsApp; send/receive, push notifications, status update...
here are a few screenshots I took:

BIG thanks to tarek for making a client for WhatsApp on the N9.

remember to email the developer at [email protected] if you encounter any issues.
Also and most importantly, you can donate anything to the makers of this app for their hard work and making this possible, just go to, you can also download the app from there!

Nokia TGIF: Celebs/Notable people around the world who endorse the Nokia Lumia Series

I don't know how far Nokia's willing to go with Celebrity endorsements of the Nokia Lumia handsets.

Mario Lopez, host of TV Show "Extra" gave away Nokia Lumia 900s (with free 6months service), Though this giveaway looks to be a gesture from Microosft's end and not Nokia, here's the video:

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Nokia did somehow get the President of the Phillipines, President Benigno S. Aquino III's sister Kris Aquino to endorse the Nokia Lumia 610, which was recently released there, and here's that video:

But we are not done, A well known Chinese Actor, Nicholas Tse also featured in a short film featuring the Nokia Lumia 800, it's in chinese though. you can chekc it out HERE.
Here's the translation of the 3min film:
From the first time I’ve tried, what have I learned?Endurance, giving up or whatever..?Not at all.
Trying it out is what gives me a clearer view.It doesn’t matter who it is, what’s important is…what can it do.
When you’ve decided on the path to go,courage is what’s needed to bring you to a greater heights
we can only look forward to what’s ahead of us
because every difficulties,you’ll have to overcome it yourself
when everyone are only concerned about the result,to me its simply a fresh start.
we only do what we are confident of,how can we persist our inner strength
it doesn’t matter who you are,what’s important is what life you’ve experienced because there is only ordinary people, no ordinary lifestyle everything’s unordinary.
Nokia Lumia 800.

Back to the US, we got celebrities from 49ers' Vernon Davis, Kourtney Kardashian (she's alright, I don't like her sister though! lol). Wayne Brady (Las Vegas Comedian) tweeted the other day about the Nokia Lumia 900 and even uploaded a pic of him with his white Lumia 900:

 Then there's John Kruk (BaseBall Player), Nicki Minaj,  Steve Wozniak (Apple co-founder), hell even SIRI endorses the Nokia Lumia 900! though she changed her mind (due to peer pressure :)

Nokia TGIF: With the Lumia 900, "you can eat your cake and have it" #LiterallySpeaking

So, today I tried browsing through my FaceBook feed on an empty stomach, it did not go well, because Nokia chose to upload a bunch of delicious looking Lumia phones...

If you could eat your cake and have it, then this would be how...