The New Nokia Lumia 920

Allow me to introduce the New nokia Lumia 920, with a Dual Core 1.5Ghz SnapDragon CPU, 4.5inch Super sensitive curved screen, 8.7MP PureView Camera, PureMotion HD+, 16GB storage, wireless charging and lots more

The New Nokia Lumia 820

The New nokia Lumia 820 is here, with a 1.5GHz Dual Core SnapDragon CPU, 4.3inch CBD screen, 8MP Carl Zeiss Lens, 16GB storage with SD card slot, wireless charging and lots more

Official Nok4Us App now in the Marketplace for Lumia Phones

You can now take nok4us website where ever you go, with the nok4us app, you will never miss any Nokia news, reviews, demoes and rumors again. download now, it's FREEE!

Unboxing the White Nokia 808 PureView

The Nokia 808 PureView is now available in the US, and here's what is inside!

Unboxing the Nokia Purity HD In-Ear HeadSets

Unboxing and reviewing the Nokia Purity HD In-Ear HeadSet, the latest and pretty awesome HD headphones from Nokia and Monster. welcome to audio heaven!

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Monday, July 30

Nokia BetaLabs release Nokia Counters (Data Usage meter) app for Lumia Phones

Nokia BetaLabs released a beta version of the Nokia's Counters this week, this app helps you keep track of their monthly calls, messages, and data usage. Sound familiar? Yes, it serves the same purpose of the Data Sense app, which will be built in to upcoming windows phone.
The Nokia Counters has been available for over a month now in the China region, so it is not that new per se.
More features of the app are; it automatically resets its meters at the beginning of each billing cycle, and can break down your usage by contacts.
This app tallies your usage on your phone and it is not in sync with your carrier, that being said if you notice any discrepancies, don't go running to your carrier for help. It remains to be seen if in the future this app will be able to sync up with your carrier's meter.

This app is not yet available in the US, it is however available for unlocked phones (Lumia 800) in the US.

The Nokia Counters is still in beta, so except more improvements in the future.

Here are some screenshots, courtesy Nokia Betalabs...

Via: TheVerge
Source: Nokia BetaLabs

Friday, July 27

Video: Behind the Scenes: Pink Nokia Lumia 900 PhotoShoot

Pink Panther
Nokia launched its Pink Lumia 900 for At&t a couple of weeks ago, and it's not just pink, it's HOT Pink.
This latest addition to the White, Black and Cyan versions of the Lumia 900 brings a fierce color every lady can identify with, it's no question Nokia had the Ladies in mind when they introduced this color.

To market the Pink Lumia 900, Nokia chose to use some reputable celebrity make up specialists/Models, in my opinion I think they should have used male strippers, I mean its target audience is women and I thin kwe all have learned something from the movie "Magic Mike". If you want to get the ladies attention, go Magic Mike style!

For me, I would have preferred to see either Victoria Secret Models (wearing something from their Pink Collection) or Nokia should have gone for classic humor and used the Pink Panther. But those are my opinions, who is listening anyways?!

Here is the behind the scenes look at the Pink Lumia 900 photo shoot...

So fancy yourself being a real man and using one of these? or maybe you are a lady who loves pink, or maybe you just want to get one for a loved one? well, You can get it from the At&t store for $49 on a 2yr contract, or better yet amazon has it for $19.99, also on a 2yr contract

Nokia TGIF: 5min Video showing more Windows Phone 8 features

Here is a 4min video from TheVerge showing off the new features of the Windows Phone 8 Emulator...

Features to note are the built in map which is now powered by Nokia (no more Bing), auto backup to skydrive like before but now with better control of how much you back up, the new music hub, photo hub, also the camera UI changes and more...

Source: TheVerge

Thursday, July 26

Nokia set to release N9 Successor at Nokia World?

According to unconfirmed info, Nokia is set to surprise everyone with a third MeeGo device, a successor to the N9 which will carry a dual core processor.

I find this hard to believe, especially since MeeGo affairs is now handled by a company that comprises of ex-Nokia Staff (Jolla).

I would take this rumor with a truck load of salt. While we wait for Nokia World in September

here's excerpts from the Post from Open Salon, frankly this doesn't make sense, not the rumor but also the grammatical errors in this make it real hard for me to understand...

According to sources, in September 7th, Nokia may publish the third paragraph MeeGo device, the machine released with MeeGo 1.3 Gregale new system,and the SWIPE concept in the MeeGo 1.3 Gregale get a new upgrade. Configurations compared with N9 have major upgrade with a new TI OMAP 5430 dual-core processor, clocked at up to 2Ghz.
We know that this year's Nokia World will be held in Helsinki, Finland on September 5, has been looking forward to the Nokia will release new. At the Nokia flagship store in Finland recently hung out a new poster that read "amazing things to come" time for the September 7, 2012.
Specific is what amazing things, sources said, in September 7th, Nokia may publish the third paragraph MeeGo (jiayu g2)equipment, the machine released MeeGo 1.3 Gregale new system will be powered by the new the SWIPE concept MeeGo 1.3 Gregale get a new upgrade is different from the harmattan Gregale will allow users to customize the sliding action around the screen allows the user to slide operation, rumored claimed that late support vacant sliding operating, hardware configuration, compared to N9 major upgrade, with a new TI OMAP 5430 dual-core processor, clocked at up to 2Ghz.

Read the full Article HERE if you are interested

Windows Phone 8 SDK leaked, Pics of New Features revealed

The WP8 SDK wasn't intended to be released until August but it's already been leaked. How? That's not my concern at this point, what's interesting is the features that have been revealed from the leaked SDK.

Here's a quick look at the features:

There is the new start screen with the 3 different sized tiles, I'm sure everyone is familiar with this by now, the SDK also confirms you can swipe to the left to reveal the "all Apps" menu.

Also, the Data Sense (aka Data Smart), which is an app integrated into the WP8 that allows you to monitor your data usage, No more getting charged for excessive data usage huh!?

The camera UI has been greatly improved on, no more mediorce stuff, this improvement makes you wonder about how pureview will be integrated in Nokia Lumia WP8 phones. This new camera brings additional effects and filters too.

The Music+Video App is no longer boring looking, it now has more like an xbox 360 feel to it, this brings to mind what Microsoft said about PC, Console, Tablet and Phone having the same UI and being uniform with one another. This makes me want to sell my PS3 and get an Xbox 360!

Then there is the Wallet app, here you can store all your credit card info and use the built in nfc to pay for stuff by just tapping your phone on an NFC terminal (if available).

Since the SDK leaked, I bet you more and more features will be revealed so keep your eyes open.

Other Features include:

  • 3D mode for Nokia Maps, 3D mode is already available on Nokia Maps on Symbian, glad to see it introduced on WP8.
  • P2P file sharing via Bluetooth, yes! finally a much needed features, something as simple as bluetooth transfer!
  • IE10, you can demo this on the Windows 8 now!
  • Lockscreen notifications for 3rd party apps, more functionality/customization is being introduced on WP8 lockscreen
  • Developer access to voice command features

  • via: Nokia Innovation
    Source: WinSuperSite

    Nokia Maps v2.5 update (for Lumia) brings route planner feature and groupon integration

    The Nokia Maps will be getting an update soon (v2.5) and with it comes new features, Route Planner will be added to the app and Groupon will be integrated into the app.

    These are pretty cool features and it brings Nokia Maps even closer to world class status (not that it already isn't). The update is not yet available but sources say it should be rolling out in the coming days.
    Only less than a week ago, we saw the update to Nokia Drive with the "my commute" feature and more features added.
    This only shows Nokia's commitment to its Lumia line, even though they will be obsolete with the introduction of even cooler WP8 devices.

    Integrated Groupon
     Introducing Groupon Now! on Nokia Maps:

    Groupon Now! on Nokia Maps is a great way to get nearby deals on demand that you can buy and use the same day. You can buy them and use them right away for instant gratification. We think that this is a perfect way to try new places or find great offers around you, in your home city or when traveling.
    Finding, buying and redeeming Groupon Now! deals is easy. When looking for something on Nokia Maps, you will be shown relevant deals among the usual search results clearly marked with the green G of Groupon. All deals on Nokia Maps come with an exhaustive description and when you have selected one, you will be redirected to the Groupon mobile site.
    Because Groupon Now! deals are geographically limited, this feature is currently available only in the US.

    Route Planner

    New Route Planner Features on Nokia Maps:
    The ability to easily create a route between any two points has been one of your most requested features since we introduced Nokia Maps for Nokia Lumia. With this new version, you can plan your trips in advance, directly on your smartphone.
    After you have set the starting point and destination, you can select your favourite way to connect the dots: on foot, by car or by public transportation (where available). The best thing is you can also pin the route to your start screen and have it available anytime, or share it with friends.

    I would however like to see the integration of Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive into one app.

    Via: Engadget
    Source: Nokia Conversation

    Video shows Leaked Symbian Belle FP2 on Nokia 701

    In this latest video, the yot to be released Symbian Belle FP2 is demoed, showin the new (and awesome) lockscreen, new fresh looking music player, better keyboard and lots more.

    This update is said to come to only 2nd generation Symbian^3 devices: 700 701 603 and 808, so if you have a 1st generation Symbian^3 device like the N8, C7, E7... then I think it's time for an upgrade.

    Here is the video:

    There is no official word yet on when the update will be made available, but I am guessing around september, that is when Nokia Wolrld will take place and what better time to show off Symbian new features.

    Source: SymbianTweet

    Sunday, July 22

    (Video) New Nokia Drive 3.0 with "My Commute" demoed on the Lumia 900

    Here is a demo of the Nokia Drive 3.0 on my white Lumia 900.

    Check out the new features, like My commute, day/night display, save location and more.

    My commute is the highlighted feature with this update, My commute is a feature that allows you to drive to and from work why it updates you on traffic conditions in real time and navigates you through less congested routes.
    however, you have to use the Nokia drive in online mode to use it

    This new Nokia Drive 3.0 is currently available in the US, with more regions coming soon.

    You can read more about the new Nokia 3.0 HERE

    Saturday, July 21

    (Video Demo) Nokia N9 swipe unlock feature demoed on the Nokia 808 PureView

    One of my favourite features from the Nokia N9 is the swipe to unlock feature, and there is an app to emulate that feature on Symbian devices, it's called SwipeUnlock and I demoed it on my Nokia N8 a while back when it was still in its infant stage, well, it isn't a baby anymore,

    Now the SwipeUnlock app has been updated and brings with it more exciting new features to make your Symbian device more MeeGo-like.
    It now comes with the shortcut apps, notifications and more. It is pretty amazing, this app from developed by Alexander Fokin, he also developed a bunch of nice QT apps like quickBT, quickLang and one of my faves musicstop (it uses a meego style format too)

    check it out, as I demoed it on my Nokia 808.

    The SwipeUnlock App is available from the the Nokia store and it costs $1.99. Get it

    Friday, July 20

    Video Demo: Colorizit, photo editing app for Nokia 808 PureView

    When I got my Nokia 808 PureView, one of the app pre-installed on it is the ColorizIt app, it allows you to turn a photo to black and whitea nd then bring out the color of any object in the photo.

    I know there thousands of photo editing apps like this but this one is pre-installed on the 808 and I love it, I'm pretty addicted to it.

    Its UI is pretty basic, though for a tech savvy guy like me, it did take quite a bit of practice to get used to it, it's not intuitive at first use but once you get it, it's a breeze.

    The UI has a Re-Do button, a brush size button, exit and tool selection button.

    You can load a pic from your gallery by clicking the "Load Photo" and you can either save the photo after editing or share it on your Facebook or Flickr.

    It can take minutes to hours to finish editing a photo depending on how complicated the editing you are trying to do is.

    For instance, here is an easy edit photo, I edited under 2mins...

    In the image below, it took about 20mins to finish editing.

    The good news is that even if you close the app, it automatically saved what ever progress you have made, so don't be scared if you think you might have lost everything after accidentally closing the app, you also can manually save a "work in progress" and continue later.

    Here is a video demo of this superb app:

    So far, I am unable to find the app in the Nokia Store, It comes pre-installed on US version of the Nokia 808, it could be available in the Nokia store in your region though.

    Nokia Lumias sold more in its 1st 3 Quarters than iPhone/Android did in theirs. Big deal? Yup!

    In the US, stats are everything, they are used to analyze everything and anything, from political polls, to sports, to education to the simplest of questions.
    So its no wonder when the stats on how the Nokia Lumia devices did in its first 3 quarters compared to iPhone and Android, that it became clear the WP platform just might be getting somewhere.
    See, when the iPhone was launched in 2007, it only sold 3.7 million units in its first 9 months of release. The Android devices (Samsung family) sold 1.3 million units in its first 9 months of release.
    The news today is that Nokia Lumia line sold 7 million units in its first 3 quarter, which is way better than how the dominant iPhone and Android devices did in their first 3 quarters.

    Here is the chart showing....

    How they did?

    So is this stat a big deal?

    Well, it depends on which angle you are looking at it from, see when the iPhone was launched, not everyone was buying it, it was a new technology, touch screen in your palm, consumers was cautious about getting this new technology, while those courageous enough to try it got one, so it took a while for people to get used to this and today it is the best selling device.

    Android came along after users became fully used to the touch screen, but the iPhone was the only touch screen phone in the market, so when android came out with its touch screen devices, it wasn't new technology anymore, Apple thought of it first, people knew what it was already so I reckon that's why the Android devices didn't do as well as the iPhone did in its first 9 months.

    5 years into the touch screen smartphone era and Nokia debuts the new WP7 devices and it sells 7 million units, that's twice the amount iPhone sold in their time, this is a HUGE deal because we are in a time in the ecosystem where iPhone/Android are dominating, but somehow Lumias outperform the iPhones/Androids, remember the iPhone and Android during their time didn't have stiff competition, I mean Blackberry were still making their QWERTY keypad phones, and Nokia was still in dreamland thinking it owned the world with its old school Symbian OS.

    No doubt, the Windows Phone devices have been received well and this only shows how well in the long run they will do, investors know this and that is why Nokia's stock shut up 13% with the news of Lumia sales.

    Nokia Drive 3.0 is finally available (for Lumia Devices)

    The Version of Nokia Drive we have all been waiting for is finally here, The Nokia Drive 3.0, which was announced way back during the MWC event in Barcelona, is finnally available for download on your Lumia device via the marketplace.

    This new version brings with it some pretty amazing features, the most notable feature being the "my commute" feature which learns your daily commute and figures out new ways to get there faster should there be traffic or any other type of obstruction along your route, it works in real time, so it updates your route as you drive. This is pretty innovative and another reason why I think Nokia is #1 when it comes to location based services and good reason why Microsoft adopted Nokia Maps services to be all on its Windows Phones.

    Nokia Drive with My Commute learns your driving preferences and uses information about the latest traffic conditions, this feature is only available in the US for now, but Nokia is working on collecting data from more countries and as they do it will become available in other regions.

    My commute is not the only new feature coming with Nokia Drive 3.0.

    There is now Automatic day/night mode for optimum visibility in the Nokia Drive, this feature automatically adjust your Nokia Lumia display for better viewing during day or night driving conditions, reducing potential distractions.

    Also, you can now pin to start your favourite destinations for one-tap access to directions there. Yes, you can now pin routes to your start screen. one tap on the start screen and you are all set to drive to your destination. It doesn’t get easier than that.

     Again, this update is the 3.0.0, so if you check your marketplace and it still says 2.0.0, be patient it is still being rolled out. however, it should take 1 - 2 days to become available to everyone.
    So it is safe to say the update should be available to everyone over the weekend

    scan the code to get the Nokia Drive 3.0

    It kinda sucks that HTC, Samsung, LG and other windows phone OEMs will have this on their devices too...

    Source: Nokia Conversations

    Nokia TGIF: FireFox mobile OS, Rival to MeeGo?

    Jolla Ltd is now responsbile for developing MeeGo further, and even intend to release a new MeeGo smartphone next year.
    Having already signed a huge deal with a major mobile phone distributor in China.

    But there is a threat to MeeGo and it's in the form of FireFox's new mobile OS, codenamed Boot2Gecko and here is a sneak peek at how far the OS has come.. take note of the impressive Multi tasking function the OS displays...

    It wouldn't be long before Android/iPhone start to fill Windows Phone, MeeGo, and now B2G breathing now their necks.

    Here is the FireFox OS already ported on... wait for it... yes a Nokia N9:

    Thursday, July 19

    Exclusive Interview with Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop; talks difficult transition, PureView, M$/Nokia Partnership and more

    In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop talks about Nokia's innovation (specifically the pureview technology), their partnership with Microsoft, how they depend on each other, and Nokia's difficult transition period.

    Check it out:

    Many have criticized S.Elop since the Burning Platform memo, but to be fair that memo was never supposed to be leaked, and as a result Nokia's transition has been really really difficult and most times depressing, with their stock value dropping fast like rain drops from the Amazon Jungles! But it looks like things are easing now, Lumia sales have been doubling since it first debuted back in Nov. 2011; Q4 2011 sold 1 Million, Q1 2012 sold 2 Million and Q2 sold 4 Million, so we should expect 8 Million Lumias sold by the end of the Q3? highly unlikely, but only if a WP8 device is released earlier! like right now!

    My only criticism of Elop is his decision to put all eggs in one basket: Windows Phone. But let's hope I am wrong and WP8 is all we dreamed of, if not, we are screwed!

    Windows Phone 8: Still Work in Progress, Not ready till Nov. 2012?

    Microsoft demoed a tiny portion (the start screen) its upcoming Windows Phone 8, and announced a lot of features that will be coming to the revamped OS.

    Leaving many (such as myself) to wonder if the OS was even near ready. Well, if this latest rumor from ZDNet is to believed then that just proves what we have been wondering, the Windows Phone 8 OS is far from complete.

    A week ago, Sources told me, Microsoft is battling with making sure that ALL WP7 apps are compatible with the upcoming WP8, and right now not a lot of them are and  some of those apps that are compatible, are having bug issues.

    So I wasn't surprised to hear that the RTM version of the OS wouldn't be available till September, and the devices wouldn't enter the market till November.

    Let's just hope these issues are handled swiftly, and we get to see WP8 devices earlier!

    The Dark Knight Rises App: Nokia Lumia devices (Video)

    Nokia launched its exclusive BatMan: The Dark Knight Rises App for its Lumia range of devices.

    This is an App that also doubles as a location based/online game, which rewards you with exclusive dark Knight content, contents like cool wallpapers, ringtones, exclusive sound bites.

    All you have to do is join a side first (Bane or Batman), then use the inbuilt map feature to find buildings around you, claim those buildings and assign points to defend them against your opponents.

    Bane                                                                                   or                                                   BatMan

    This Batman theme UI for the App, It's an online game, the only problem is, not many people own a lumia device and are online to play it.

    But it is fun, it also has added bonus like "nearby theatre" locations, showtimes and a countdown to the premiere of the Dark Knight Rises movie. The movie premieres July 20th, 2012!

    Check it out:

    This App is exclusive to Nokia Lumia Devices and can be found in the Nokia Collection section of the Marketplace.

    4 million Lumias sold in Q2. "Exceeds expectations"

    The somewhat good news is that Nokia today reported that it sold 4 Million Lumia phones in 3 months, though these are low numbers considering what Nokia was used to in the past, but it is good news because it shows mobile users aren't afraid of change. The Windows Phone OS platform is fairly new to the mobile ecosystem and many predicted it would be tough to penetrate into a market already dominated by Android and iPhone, but these numbers indicate that Nokia "exceeded expectations".

    The dismal news however is that the Lumia phones (particularily the flagship Lumia 900) sold only 330,000 units in the US, and considering the amount of money Nokia, At&t and Microsoft put into marketing the device, and not to forget the gifting of $100 to every Lumia 900 buyer on the At&t network, Nokia put alot into this device and 330,000 units is really REALLY poor!

    The news of Nokia's 2nd Quarter was well received as their stock rose 13%, indicating that investors were impressed with how the devices were doing.

    Nokia did record a $1 Billion operating loss in that quarter also. YIKES!!

    Since the introduction of Lumia devices (last year November), Nokia has sold over 7 million units, while Android and iPhone sell 3 times that amount in a single quarter.

    The emergence of Nokia WP8 phones should gradually shift the tide back Nokia's way, with Nokia promising new captivating devices no one has seen before.

    Expect these devices to be unveiled in September when Nokia hosts Nokia World!

    You can check out Nokia's full Quarter report HERE

    Tuesday, July 17

    Official Nok4Us App now available for Windows Phones

    The Official Nokia4Us App is now finally available for FREE from the Marketplace.

    This is a basic App you can use to keep up to date with all the latest Nokia news, rumors and reviews..

    The App is still in its early stage and will bring improvements/feature updates in the future,

    Check it out in the demo below...

    download it and ENJOY!

    Monday, July 16

    White Nokia 808 vs. Glossy White Nokia Lumia 900

    Here a look at what you get when you peat Nokia Flagship Windows Phone, the Nokia Lumia 900 against the Flagship Symbian Phone, the Nokia 808 PureView.

    Let's get ready to RUMBLEEE!!
    In the Left corner, wearing glossy white, weighing in at 160g with a 4.3inch display, LTE capability and a 1.4GHz scorpion snapdragon processor.... The Nokia Lumia 900.

    In the right corner, wearing white matte, weighing in at a hefty 170g, with a slim 4inch screen display, a 1.3 GHz ARM11 processor, the undisputed champion of all camera phones, with 808 knockouts, no defeats, the Nokia 808 PureView!!!

    Comparison table between Nokia 808 and Lumia 900

    Symbian^3 OS
    Windows Phone 7.5
    4inch screen
    4.3inch screen
    1.3 ARM11 CPU
    1.4 Scorpion Snapdragon CPU
    MicroSD expandable memory
    No MicroSD support
    White matte, removable back cover
    White glossy unibody
    41MP PureView camera
    8MP camera
    11h TalkTime (Battery Life)
    7h TalkTime (Battery Life)

    While the Nokia 808 sets the stage for upcoming PureView windows phones, it is currently the BEST camera phone in the market and the Lumia 900 doesn't stand a chance against this beast.
    The only advantage the Lumia has is its OS ecosystem, one that is getting a lot of attention, more than its Symbian counterpart, thought in my opinion Symbian is better (in features) than the WP7.5, this will change when WP8 comes out.

    So who is the winner here? It's purely the Nokia 808 PureView!

    Appisode 122: FastMall for Lumia Phones

    Never get lost in a mall again, find the store you are looking for and get what you need with ease with the FastMall app for Windows Phone.

    App Description:
    Now you can navigate any mall map WITHOUT the need for GPS or WIFI. Once you download
     any mall map you can get interactive navigation even without an Internet signal!!! 
    As seen in New York Times, Fox Business News, Scobleizer, Techcrunch, ABC News, 
    Gizmodo, LA Times, Star Tribune, NBC Los Angeles, Mashable, AdAge and more
    This app is free and you can get from the marketplace.
    Check out the demo: 

    This is a really useful app to use if you are a mall rat :P

    Nokia's #1 for Indoor Mapping

    Nokia has prided itself in its outside mapping system, it no doubt they are #1 when it comes to Offline turn-by-turn navigation, and map services, so much so that even Microsoft adopted their map service as the number 1 map provided on all its upcoming windows phone 8 phones.

    Now, Nokia isnt stopping there, they are set to release their indoor mapping system, one that will bring walk navigation to more than 214 malls in the US and thousands of other locations across the globe.

    Soon you will be able to walk into a mall and search for sneakers (for example) and you would be able to get the location of the store that has this and walk navigation to that store.

    There's an app called FastMall that already has something similar, but its only has mall data. Nokia's indoor mapping will offer indoor navigation on not just malls but thousands of other venues.

    Source: Nokia Conversation

    Jolla signs huge deal with largest Phone distributor in China

    In a press statement released earlier today July 16th, Jolla Ltd annonced that it had signed a HUGE sales and distribution deal with the largest mobile phones retail chain in China; D.Phone

    Here is the Press release:

    Press Release Below:
    Jolla Ltd. and China’s Largest Smartphone Retail Chain D.Phone Sign Product Sales Agreement
    Jolla Ltd., a rising Finnish smartphone product company, has signed a Sales and Distribution agreement with D.Phone Group, the largest mobile phones retail chain in China. Together the companies have a shared target to reach significant sales volumes in China’s 150 million smartphone market. The agreement is such that D.Phone will start sales and distribution of Jolla smartphones in China, utilising D.Phone’s vast network of over 2000 retail stores to reach the Chinese consumers.
    Mr. Donghai Liu, Founder and CEO of D.Phone Group: “We see great potential for Jolla as a new player in the Chinese smartphone market with Jolla’s fresh and unique user experience. Together with Jolla our aim is to reach significant sales volumes.”
    Dr. Antti Saarnio, Chairman of Jolla Ltd.: “China has the largest and most rapidly expanding smartphone market in the world. This agreement with D.Phone is a major step in Jolla’s journey towards becoming a significant player in the global smartphone market”
    Jolla Ltd. is an independent Finland based smartphone product company that will
    reveal its first product later this year. Jolla was founded in 2011 by a team of former Nokia mobile industry professionals. The company is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland and has an R&D office in Tampere, Finland.

    D.Phone is China’s largest chain retailer of mobile phones and accessories with extensive nationwide retail coverage of over 2,000 outlets across the country. D.Phone is a strategic partner with China Mobile, China Telecom and China

    Mr. Donghai Liu Dr. Antti Saarnio
    Founder and CEO Chairman of the Board
    D.Phone Group Jolla Ltd.

    Further inquiries:
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    This is a huge boost for the new born company that consists of former Nokia-Meego execs and employees.
    It just shows how little an effort Nokia put into making MeeGo a formidable force in the mobile ecosystem, I'm really upset Nokia never really gave MeeGo a chance  but let's just hope they don't regret it.

    In my opinion, this deal is the most crucial part of the puzzle for Jolla and they seem to have quickly solved that, now we wait to see what manufacturers (like samsung) are willing to release meego devices.

    The future is bright!
    MeeGo Lives!

    Sunday, July 15

    Lumia 800 Entertainment bundle get huge price reduction, now $599

    Remember the absurdly expensive Lumia bundle Nokia and Microsoft were selling both in Microsoft stores and on Amazon? The Lumia 800 Entertainment bundle which consists of the Lumia 800, the Monster Nokia HD Purity Headphones, The Nokia Play 360, and Luna Bluetooth headset, it debuted with a $899 price tag back in February.

    Well now, you can get that same bundle online on the Microsoft Store website for $599, yup, thats also a $299 cut from the original $899, heck its even cheaper than the Nokia 808 Pureview alone, which is currently priced at $699!!

    Is this a good deal? why did Nokia choose to slash the price now? well ever since the confirmation that current lumia devices wouldn't be getting the WP8 upgrade, sales have all but stopped, the value of the Lumia phones has dropped significantly, even the Lumia 900 got its At&t price slashed by half (from $99 to $49).

    I think Nokia is just trying to salvage what they can from their current Lumia range and as other bloggers put it, they are "clearing house" and what other way to do this than to sell the Lumia devices at dirt cheap prices.

    I guess we can start looking forward to Nokia WP8 phone.

    At&t;'s Nokia Lumia 900 now $49.99, now available in Pretty Pink

    The Nokia Lumia 900 is now available in Pink, this makes for a perfect gift for a loved one.

    And even better news is that you can now get the device for $49.99, that's half its original price of $99.

    Though from day 1 of its release several online stores like amazon and walmart sold the device at that price.

    It will be interesting to see if this will help boost the sales of the 900, which saw low sales since its launch, with analyst putting its sales figures at below 300,000 units. The Lumia 900 will prove to be a tough sell now since it has been announced that it will not get the full WP8 upgrade but rather get the new revamped start screen and other minor updates. Nokia has said they promise to keep updating the device however, but that's a promise no one is really paying attention to right now as the Lumia family (610, 710, 800 and 900) are set to go obsolete by the end of the year.

    Friday, July 13

    Unboxing the Nokia Purity In-Ear Headphones

    Nokia teamed up with Monster Cable Inc. to bring the best in audio accessories, and one of them is the notable Monster Nokia in-ear Purity Headphones.

    These High quality headsets are on par with the much hyped headphones from Beats Audio, and the best part is they are cheaper!

    So what do you get when you buy these headphones? Inside are your headphones, a nice rugged but cool looking pouch to secure them in, a few different sizes of ear tips for whichever suits your ears ( I reckon Obama would used to biggest ones) and there is a audio jack adapter.

    All this in a sleek box, nice packaging that is expected of a $99 piece of accessory.

    Here is a gallery of the accessory, you can get them from Nokia's Amazon Page