The New Nokia Lumia 920

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The New Nokia Lumia 820

The New nokia Lumia 820 is here, with a 1.5GHz Dual Core SnapDragon CPU, 4.3inch CBD screen, 8MP Carl Zeiss Lens, 16GB storage with SD card slot, wireless charging and lots more

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Unboxing the White Nokia 808 PureView

The Nokia 808 PureView is now available in the US, and here's what is inside!

Unboxing the Nokia Purity HD In-Ear HeadSets

Unboxing and reviewing the Nokia Purity HD In-Ear HeadSet, the latest and pretty awesome HD headphones from Nokia and Monster. welcome to audio heaven!

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Friday, August 31

Nokia TGIF: Nokia's taking jabs at Samsung.

I never thought I would see the day Samsung would make phones out of metal and Nokia made plastic, it has happened.
Samsung unveiled the first windows phone 8 device, made of metal (brushed aluminum) while Nokia is most likely going to stick with its polycarbonate plastic. But guess what? It's still tougher than metal samsung!

Nokia's become a whole different company since S.Elop arrival as CEO, and that's evident in the way they now attack their competitors.

The last month has seen somewhat direct attacks at Samsung from Nokia, and whie some might say this is douchebag behaviour, I beg to differ, Nokia's no longer in #1 position like they were 5-7yrs ago, back then they didn't need to attack anyone they were on top. Well, things have changed and these subtle jabs by Nokia is to remind people who's Boss, but really all these jabs at samsung do is create buzz, and buzz is what Nokia needs as they announce their next generation windows phone on the 5th of Sept.

The first Right Hand Jab:

 Chris Weber, Nokia US President politely asked Samsung to pay attention to the upcoming Lumia phones. Evidently, Chris Weber probably already saw Samsung's Ativ S WP8 phone and wasn't impressed!

The Left hand Jab:

Have you ever crashed a party? No? Well, Nokia did, not just any party, Nokia crashed Samsung's "unveiling Ativ S" party, they came equipped with placards too, they read different messages on each side, messages like "Samsung, Nokia welcomes you back to windows phone" obviously this was meant to imply that while Samsung felt android was supposed to be their saviour, it put them in a $1Billion mess so they came back to windows phone!, and might I add these placards were shaped like Lumia tiles! how thoughtful!

Here are photos (courtesy: Mark Guim from TheNokiaBlog) of the Nokia Party crashers, obviously Samsung security didn't see this coming...


The Double-fisted Punch:

You must be living under a rock if you haven't heard that Samsung was fined $1Billion for Patent infringement against Apple. Apple sued Samsung for copying their phone's form factor as well as certain UI traits, in court, Apple even introduced Nokia's Lumia 800 as a phone that was uniquely different.
After Apple won the case, the joke making the rounds (on twitter, facebook, blogosphere) was that Samsung was going to pay in trucks loaded with Nickel coins (a nickel is 5cents). Now that I think of it, maybe it was Nokia who started that joke! Anyway, today Nokia just tweeted a pic... a very very funny pic, one aimed directly at Samsung. Ouch!

It's a pic with the caption: Which do you prefer? Spending $1Billion in fines or just simply adopting the Lumia 800.

The Knockout Punch:

I except the knockout punch to be delivered on Sept. 5th.

Is Nokia going to unveil a Win8 Tablet on Sept 5th?

According to WPDang, internal images from Nokia show what appears to be a full on Windows 8 Table.
Based on the desktop tile, it seems Nokia is working on a tablet.
While, I do believe Nokia is working on a tablet, I don't think we will see it next week (surprise me!), Nokia is keen on regaining it's dominant position in the smartphone world, and while a tablet is in their plans, I do not believe it to be in their immediate plans.

Besides, judging from the image, it seems to be old based on the fact that the phone next to it is the Lumia 800. if they were going to launch a tablet, it would be next to either the Lumia 820 or 920 and those will be running WP8.

Source: WPDang
Via: WPCentral

Leaked: Real life Photos of Nokia Lumia 820 surface, different from 3D render!

Finally, we get to see something real and not a 3D render, especially nowadays when anyone with a good 3D software and mad 3D skills can make a render of anything, it is comforting to finally see these real life shots of one of the first Nokia WP8 phones!

These images leaked by shows a glossy white 4.3inch Nokia Lumia phone running on the new Windows Phone 8 software (build 8.0.9735.0), and having 335MB internal memory remaining (safe to say it is 512MB capacity). Still no word or whether PureView is in there or not though.

the phone looks just like the glossy white Lumia 900, just a slight difference around the edges and the corners aren't sharp, more curved and refined!

It doesn't have a curved screen like the Lumia 800, but is reporting that this is the Lumia 820, we are going to see next week when Nokia officially unveils it along with other Lumia phones.


Leaked? Lumia 920 and 820 photos imerge. real? or fake?

Nokia Lumia 920, aka Phi?
Here is the photo making the rounds today, according to @EVLEAK, this is the Nokia Lumia 920, Nokia's WP8 device, that should have PureView, It is a nice render and there is no confirmation if this is the real deal of not.
The Phone does look like a bigger version of the Lumia 800 (curved screen).

We tried to reach out to a reliable source in  Nokia to confirm if this was real and he said "you haven't seen anything yet, even if those were real (which i am not saying), there is a lot more than meets the eye", the source goes on further to say " we are distrupting the market market again next wednesday with new technologies"
Really looking forward to September 5th, I already called in sick to work (in advance)!

If you remember I was tipped that the WP8 phone was going to be the bigger version of the Lumia 800, though I cannot confirm if this is the real thing, Tom Warren, from TheVerge, seem to believe this is authentic. The phone is said to pack a 4.5inch screen.

@EVLEAKS also says this is the Nokia Arrow:

Same as the image we saw yesterday, only this time we get to see the front of the phone.
This is said to have a 4.3inch screen.

It's normal for leaks to become rampant leading up to Sept. 5th, I think I will be patient and see what Nokia comes with, after all, it is only 4 days away!

Source: @EVLEAKS

Via: WPCentral

Thursday, August 30

ESPN Fantasy Football App comes exclusively to Nokia Lumia Phones

Football to America is what Soccer is to UK and Soccer is to USA what Football is to UK.
wanted to get that out of the way before I carry on!
Football (NFL) season is here (US), and it's fantasy football time. 
Fantasy Football is when you pick players from different teams, playing in different positions to form your fantasy team and peat your team against others, I'm sure you get the gist.
Fantasy Leagues (Football and Baseball) are pretty popular in the US, and it is taken very seriously (from what I have seen at work).
I only got into American Football last year, it's not soccer but it's OK! and I will be taking part in fantasy leagues this year too, what the hell, right?

NFL, Yahoo and ESPN hosts the biggest Fantasy Leagues, and Nokia just announced the ESPN Fantasy Football app exclusive to just Lumia phones, So if you love football and you own a Samsung or HTC windows phone.. sucks to be you!

With this app you will be able to actively monitor your fantasy team, whenever and wherever, and this is not just your typical generic fantasy app, this app does everything you could do if you were on your laptop/PC...
According to Nokia, with ESPN Fantasy football app 

"team owners can easily manage their multiple teams and leagues, plus add, drop and trade players or make waiver claims, all from your Lumia phone. Of course, you can also follow your teams on game day with real-time FantasyCast scores and news.
ESPN Fantasy Football is the perfect mobile extension of the website that fantasy footballers have known and loved for years.
Going beyond team management, fantasy footballers can view news, video highlights and even watch analysis from ESPN fantasy experts, to make sure you have the knowledge to manage your team with an experts’ eye."

That's really awesome! Let the Football season BEGIN!

NOTE: The App should be up and running within the next 2 days, so if you do not see this in the Marketplace (under Nokia Collections section), be sure to check back again.

Popular VoIP App: Viber coming to S40 and Symbian devices

VoIP application Viber that allows users to call and text each other absolutely free is arriving on every handset you can think of. Viber has announced its releasing its app to Nokia’s Series 40 feature phones, as well as Symbian and bada smart phones.
With over 1.5 billion Series 40 phones sold since the platform was launched, this is a huge step on Viber’s path to become the first truly global VoIP client.
While Microsoft’s multi-billion acquisition Skype might be the first VoIP app to come to mind, it’s a demanding app available on modern smart phones like iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Viber is also available on those platforms plus RIM’s BlackBerry. Viber works quietly in the background at all times and is coming to over 1.5 billion of feature phones, satisfying the developing world’s need for free calls.
Viber is also unveiling new functionality for its existing apps; the Windows Phone version of the app is now adding support for 720p HD video calling. Finally, Viber has been growing steadily since the first day of its launch in late 2010. In February, it hit 50 million, in May the number grew to 70 million and right now, there are more than 100 million Viber users across the globe making 10 million free calls a day. Not bad for an app that’s less than two years old, isn't it? 

For any other news regarding availability of Viber we'll keep you posted.

- Parasaran 

Amazon's Kindle Fire to use Nokia Maps Service, instead of Google maps!

According to Yahoo! News, Amazon will be adopting Nokia's Map services on its new Kindle Fire tablet (expected launch date is a week from today). in the US, the Kindle now accounts for 1 in every 5 tablets owned, that is how popular it is.

Nokia Maps will run natively on the Kindle. Amazon snubbed Google Maps for Nokia's services, even though the Kindle is based on Google's Android platform and it would have been less stressful and probably cheaper (not sure) if they went with Google maps. Well,  that's just how good Nokia's Map service is, I mean what more can I say!

You can still use Google maps on the Kindle, but you will just have to go through the hassle of either using the web browser or getting it from a third party source.. OUCH!

Since the start of the year, Nokia's been bragging about how they are the best when it comes to location based services, evidently Microsoft attests to this, so much so that they signed a deal to have Nokia's map available on every Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 device (Nokia or not).

I don't know why Amazon chose to go with Nokia Maps. But whatever Nokia's doing is pretty damn good!

Source: Yahoo News

Photo: is this Nokia Arrow? Real? or Mock-Up?

The Nokia Ambassdors over at MNB got sent these photo form an anonymous tipster who claims it is the mid range Nokia Arrow phone. oddly enough it only shows the back of the phone and it the anonymous tipster chose to release this just after this more auntentic blurry image of a yellow Nokia Lumia phone surfaced...

As you can see they are totally different from the blurry Nokia, the camera position is different, as well as the location of the Nokia logo.

I think... No sorry, I am pretty sure this is a very nice 3D render of a concept Nokia phone.

Source: WPCentral

Wednesday, August 29

Photo Leak: Yellow Nokia WP8 Lumia Phone leaks!

Here is a new leak of yet another Nokia WP8 phone. the photo shows the back of a yet to be seen Nokia device.
Don't know what device this is, Phi? Arrow? or a third device?
What I do know is, it is Yellow and guess what it looks exactly like the concept Nokia released last year... Safe to say, if it is anything like this concept, then YAY NOKIA!

Breaking down the image:

So I decided to take our "blurry" image and make it clearer...

  • it's a nokia (obviously, it's written right there!)
  • It's got a camera and a single LED flash, so this is definitely not the PureView WP8 phone we are all waiting for.
  • It's got a 3.5mm jack.
  • It's got your traditional Volume, Power/lock and camera buttons on the right side of the phone just like existing Lumia phones, so we know for sure this is a Nokia Windows Phone
  • Just like the N9/Lumia 800 and 900, it's got a polycarbonate, well what looks like a polycarbonate unibody with irreplaceable battery.
  • i still cannot make out what's that dot on the bottom right corner there!
 It's safe to say this is a mid/low range wp8 device, same range as the Lumia 710 most probably.

New Teaser video from Nokia... Girl, Bicycle, Pier. I don't get it

I remember the last time Nokia put out a teaser video, I remember because it was that long ago. Back in February when Nokia released this teaser clip...

We all knew it had something to do with imagery, and the teaser really gave us a definitive hint on what to expect.
Now fast forward to present day, Nokia has put out another teaser video, a run up to what to expect from them on Sept 5th (a week from today) and here it is...

I have no clue what this video means, it's a 21sec clip of a girl riding a bicycle down a pier, with the caption "Things are about to change" (that's what Obama said!.. they haven't) or what Nokia is trying to tell us other than something new is coming and it is going to change the game.

some might deduce that its about pureview on the new Lumia WP8 device, If I should guess I would say it is something we haven't seen before... obviously!

WebCast: Watch Sept 5th Nokia Event LIVE!!!

Nokia has provided a link to where you can watch the September 5th event live from your living room, that's right, save your air fare, just sit at home and watch as Nokia unveils the Next BIG thing in Touch SmartPhone Devices!!

here is the link to the Webcast, Bookmark it NOW!


Nokia announces (NFC enabled) PlayUp Speakers, Play360 successor

Haha, Just a few minutes after I wrote about them, in my previous post, here they are...

The New Nokia PlayUp Speakers from Nokia and JBL. the Nokia play 360 successors.

They come in White, Black, Cyan and Yellow (Yellow Lumia WP8 device coming)

And we will be able to playup with them come Sept 5th.
They really look amazing! and you will be able to tap-to-connect them with your WP8 Nokia Phones... SWEET!

Check out the entire info on these at Nokia Conversations

See the Product Page HERE

Nokia to introduce next Gen. Play360 Speakers next week, Sept 5th. + Yellow Lumia WP8 coming

Nokia Play 360 Speakers

Nokia is set to unveil new wireless speakers next week, if you are familiar with the already existing popular NFC/Bluetooth wireless speakers from Nokia, the Play360 (which now cost $133 via AmazonUS), then get ready to meet what might just be its successor.

Nokia is teaming up with audio gadget makers JBL to bring you their next innovation in wireless speaker technology.
If you are not familiar with JBL, they are a unit of Harman international Industries, you should have seen the name "Harman" on speakers, whether on your laptop, or on the speakers in your car. They are pretty BIG where it comes to producing quality audio.

Nokia US President tweeted about them today (Aug. 29th)...

Hans Henrik Lund, head of accessories at the mobile-phone maker, said in an interview. Speakers will come in a variety of colors, including “bold” yellow, as Nokia sticks to coordinating device and accessory design, Lund said. So that means we will see Yellow WP8 Nokia Lumia, in addition to Cyan, Magenta, Black and White.
Remember the Nokia Phi device that was leaked? that was yellow, right?

These Nokia/JBL NFC wireless speakers are sure to catch everyone's attention along side a color matching Lumia WP8 device.

Sept 5th is a week away now!

Source: BusinessWeek

Monday, August 27

Belle Refresh v111.040.1511 begins rolling out to Symbian users (by Parasaran Kumar)

Nokia has started delivering Belle Refresh, an update to existing devices running on Symbian Belle. The Nokia N8, Nokia E7, C7, C6-01, X7 and Nokia Oro running on version 111.040.1511 have already started receiving the update and if it doesn’t show up for you yet - don’t panic as availability depends on country and carrier. You’re likely to get the update soon. 

The Nokia E6 will receive the update later in the week and the Nokia 500 is getting it in a few weeks. 

The most attractive feature of the Bell Refresh is the improved HTML5 support in the browser, but the new version also introduces new homescreen widgets and the Microsoft Office Mobile App. Those sporting a Nokia N8 will also get a suite of photo manipulation apps. 

Do keep in mind, though, that the update might break compatibility with some applications. Unlocked phones, of course, will be the first to get the update, with carrier versions following later on. 

So what’s this all about? Basically bringing what can be brought from Belle FP1 (probably the last Symbian version to be launched) to these older devices.
The changelog is extensive, and includes everything from an updated Web browser, many new widgets, a better music player, to various fixes and enhancements. Furthermore, the Nokia N8 will get some new extra preinstalled imaging apps. All of the phones will get Microsoft Office mobile apps and the Nokia Maps Suite 2.0 built into the firmware (these were previously available via separate downloads).
For the N8 at least, the update weighs in at around 13 MB and will reach your device over-the-air. Needless to say, you won’t need a computer for updating. The rollout is bound to take some time, so don’t panic if you don’t see the update yet. Also keep in mind that devices sold unlocked and SIM-free will get it first, with carrier-customized versions to follow at some point. If you’re impatient, you can manually check if the update is out for you by dialing *#0000#.

You can see screenshots of the update HERE

-Parasaran Kumar

Sunday, August 26

Nokia Classics #7 Nokia 6600

The Nokia 6600, of all the phones Nokia released in the pre-touchphone era, this had the best design #imho, released 2004, the 6600 became an instant hit. it futuristic design, the new form factor and its ruggedness, even made some to believe this was the 3310's true successor, but as we know the 3310 can never have a successor, it's ONE OF A KIND.
And here is the best part, the Nokia 6600 even took the leading role in the 2004 thriller action hit movie: Cellular! starring then new stars; Chris Evans and Jason Statham, with William H. Macy and Kim Basinger.

Check out this trailer for the movie, though it is really a trailer for the Nokia 6600..

But here is a more formal introduction to the Nokia 6600, I remember that evil russian scientist looking model on the box, checking out the phone... good ol' days

I wish Nokia can bring back such innovative design, though they did with the N9, but more please!

Saturday, August 25

Samsung's $1B loss to Apple and what this means for Nokia's WP8 devices

What a Week! For Nokia I mean.
While Apple's popping champagne on their victory against Samsung over patent infringement, Nokia and Microsoft also are popping bubbly champagne too.
Samsung, the Biggest Android manufacturer was dealt a heavy blow last week in the US, when the Jury found Samsung guilty of infringing on Apple design patents and ordered them to pay up to  $1Billion (if you spend $1000 a day, you will still have more than enough to last 30+ life times)

But I'm not hear to give my opinion on whether the ruling was fair or not. that's a whole different issue

I'm hear to discuss the ramifications and how awesome this ruling is for struggling Nokia.


It will now cost Samsung much more to make Android phones, they will have to do a complete design overhaul and this will take time and lots of effort (after all, they are not Nokia).

With the leading maker of Android banned from making anymore Android devices in the US, this is a HUGE "window" of opportunity for Nokia and Microsoft's Windows Phone

Here is our favourite foul-mouthed Nokia Fan theGeneralDestroyer on the Samsung verdict...

It now seems Samsung will be starting from scratch, redesigning the physical appearance of their phones and any Apple-like UX on android

OEMs will have to reconsider using android, though Android maybe free, the licenses they will now have to pay will cost much more. Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 platform is now the cheaper option and Nokia's is already way ahead of them!

Little wonder why Nokia's stock has been on the rebound since the start of the trial, and I expect to see huge bumps in their value this coming week.

Stephen Elop must be the luckiest CEO in the world right, everything is just falling into place. Samsung's downfall becomes Nokia's rise.

I expect Nokia Ad campaign for the it's new phone to go something like '"we didn't copy anyone, it's pure innovation" or something like that

 the true winner here is Windows Phone!

Friday, August 24

Nokia TGIF: 2 reasons why you should switch to Nokia Lumia phones

If you are sitting on the fence on whether to switch from your old Android or really old Blackberry phones, well Nokia has conveiniently provided 2 videos showing former Android and Blackberry users who switched to Lumia, giving their experiences and why they made that decision.

Here is the second one, from a former Android user...

Pretty legit reasons on why anyone should switch, I however will wait for Nokia's next generation Lumia devices which will be running windows phone 8 platform and promises to be really AWESOME!

Little wonder analysts are already predicting Windows Phone to outsell Blackberry before the end of the year!

Thursday, August 23

Nokia Phi and Nokia ACDC coming to At&t; this November, also Nokia WP8 phones for Verizon & T-Mobile

I got tipped this morning that Nokia will be releasing their WP8 phones to major US carriers with At&t, Verizon and T-Mobile.
Sadly, Sprint is still M.I.A, maybe they are content with Android and Apple's iPhone (After all, they did just start selling the iPhone a year ago).

According to sources, At&t will get 2 Nokia WP8 phones, they are the Nokia Phi (Highest end) and the Nokia ACDC (high end), I remember reading something about this device in the past.

Verizon will get the Nokia Atlas (as you might have already read about).

And T-Mobile oddly enough will be getting just one Nokia WP8 device, this is the Nokia Arrow, I know T-Mobile to be a very loyal Nokia partner, mainly cos consumers on the east coast love Nokia, and TMobile is really BIG on the east coast, they even  released the Symbian-running Nokia Astound (Nokia C7)! So I find it odd they will be releasing just one Nokia WP8 device, this device is the Nokia Arrow (sure you have heard of this by now).

The Arrow and the ACDC are similar, the difference is that they are Vendor specific and just like S.Elop said, these carrier devices will have unique features that set them apart from one another.

Also, remember that those aren't the only WP8 phones that will be available come 1st week of November, Samsung and HTC also have WP8 devices coming to these carriers.
 It is Important to note that the names ACDC, Phi, Arrow, Atlas are all internal codenames that will never see the light of day, they are used internally by Nokia and upon launch we will get to hear the names we are used to, Lumia 8xx, 9xx.

 It is good to see Verizon getting along with Nokia again, the last time they hooked up, they bore this monster...

God Awful!

Tuesday, August 21

Windows Phone 8 devices coming with Wi-Fi Offloading feature and why you should be concerned??

What is Wi-Fi Offloading? It is the ability for your mobile operator to switch between your cellular data and nearby mobile operator owned Wi-Fi Hotspots without user interaction, the main purpose it seems, is to save you from incurring excessive data charges.

Here's a scenario for you; You are at the Airport waiting for your flight, you decide to watcha movie on the netflix app on your At&t phone, so you are connected to the internet via your LTE cellular data, your Wi-Fi's been switched off (by you) a day before and you haven't switched it on since then.
Well, according to the WiFi offloading, while you are at the airport watching your Netflix movie, At&t can search for, find and connect your phone to one of their WiFi hotspots (if available) without your knowledge or your intervention.

While, this is a pretty cool feature, as it saves you from hitting that data cap, but it does bring some cause for concern, If you haven't figured it out yet, WiFi Offloading gives your mobile provider access to your mobile device, not just access but unrestricted access, they can turn on the WiFi on your phone and connect it to a WiFi hotspot without you even knowing it, if that doesn't freak you out even a tinsy winsy bit then i don't know what will.

I just had dinner with fellow network administrator friends of mine (who happen to be privacy activists) who are really concerned about this feature and though I see it as more of a convenience than a nuisance, they do raise some valid points.

I mean if mobile operators have this kind of access to our phones, just use your imagination to wonder what else they are capable of.

If you are in the US, then you must have heard how Celebrity phones were hacked remotely and private photos collected and leaked online, or in the UK and how Rupert Murdoch and his goons hacked into phones of people of interest and retrieved voice-mails. And all these were done by people who didn't even work with any mobile operators.

So why is all this relevant? well, the upcoming Windows Phone 8 devices all have WiFi Offloading.

Which Lumia features do you love the most?

As you already know, the next generation of Lumia devices (running WP8) are set to debut in 2weeks, and with it will come many many new, cool, amazing features.
And with the emergence of this dominant species, will bring with it, the gradual extinction of first generation Lumia phones.
So let's look back almost a year ago, when the Lumia 800 was announced and what features it came with and which one of those features' your favourite.

For me (and this might sound lame, but remember, this is coming from a Symbian user), the one feature on Lumia phones I cannot live without is... the keyboard, from its responsiveness, accuracy and the ever so pleasant knocking sound it makes when you type (actually, this is the one feature I am most fond of). If i need to type, whether its a short text message or a long email, I always make sure my phones volume is at 30/30 so I can enjoy the "knocking" sound, I have actually typed messages, and after a couple of words into the message and realizing my phone is on vibrate, I usually crank up the volume, wipe the message and start typing all over again!

Surely, there are more important features (like Nokia maps, drive, people hub, centralized email viewing and more) but I enjoy the little things.

So what's your best Lumia feature?

Nokia Connects now roommates with Nokia Conversations!

Nokia's got two official blogs: Nokia Conversations and Nokia Connects, and for a while they seemed to serve different purposes. Nokia Conversation was more on the latest news around Nokia, while Nokia connects focused more on connecting with the Nokian community.

Well starting yesterday, Nokia connects has moved in with Nokia Conversations. They are now all one BIG Nokia Blog, sorry I meant one BIG House!

Here's a snippet from the moevment...

Nokia Connects and Conversations by Nokia will become one. So, instead of reading about Nokia on two separate blogs, you will have one place to get up to speed with goings-on at Nokia and learn about all the cool experiments and projects our community are working on.

So, what’s changing? For a start, we will be focusing more on recording, sharing and celebrating the amazing things that our community (you guys!) get up to. In particular, the trial programme will become bigger and better: with twice the number of trials, and hopefully twice the number of amazing experiences, photos, videos and reviews.

Both blogs have been major Nokia assets to the community and seeing them merge like this shows a sign of bigger things to come.

I would have preferred Nokia conversations moving in with Nokia connects, rather than the other way around, I always fancied the name "Nokia Connects" especially since Nokia's connecting people!

You can check out the Brand new Nokia Conversations

Saturday, August 18

Nokia Fan Post by Parasaran Kumar: Android or Symbian?...

People will fall about laughing if I say Symbian, the dying mobile Operating System is better than the Android.  The fact is, Symbian is better than Android as an Operating System. I personally tested Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc and Nokia E7. To my surprise I found that the E7 with only a single core ARM 11 at 680 MHz  was prompter while the Sony that packs a much faster 1.4 GHz Snapdragon was taking time to load certain applications. Booting was faster in E7 and multi-tasking on Nokia was mind-blowing.
What is so good about the Android?
Answer:  Android has more eye-candy applications but it isn't as fast as Nokia Belle when it comes to functionality and performance. 

What is bad about the Nokia Belle?
Answer: Belle has a smaller amount of applications but it doesn't lack the essential and well-known applications.
When Nokia released the 6600 phone way back on 2003, no other phone could overpower the 6600 until the release of the i-Phone which changed the epoch of the mobile world!
 Now the question is
What is so special about the i-phones?
Answer: Touch response, huge collections of applications and its attractive User Interface (UI). Apple is user friendly to a convinced degree but not as easy as the Symbian.
 When apple released the i-phone for the first time, people were charmed by its bar model without the keypad and its touch response. It marked the beginning of silky capacitive touch phones and that’s where the Nokia began to grow fainter.  Apple was not the only company that was responsible for Nokia’s decline but Nokia itself was the main reason for its weakening. Apple was leading the race and Nokia was following. On 2006, the Symbian foundation came up with the Symbian UIQ which can be customised to user’s requirement and still it remains as one of the best OS though it lacks applications and those sugar coated UI but UIQ has the apps that even most of the phones do not have today. Nokia was getting ahead and instead of improving on the UIQ they ditched the UIQ for Symbian S60. Many of the talented design engineers of the UIQ migrated to Google since the company did not survive the market. Every awesome designs and innovations in UIQ 4 were implemented in Android.  And today Nokia is making a big mistake by ditching the Symbian. Nokia might have a great opportunity with the windows phone 8 (WP8) but it is the Symbian which gave the Nokia its flamboyant outfit.

At this instant, my question is
What do people want?
People do not get phones based on their requirement if that wasn’t the case then basic models would have flooded the markets. People look for phones that have set a vogue in the market (Android and Apple). They require a million apps on their phone as if they use all of them and bar model without key pad which is the current trend. There are people who choose their phone based on their requirement and they are the ones who really do not utilise the full capacity of the phone. People who push their phones to or beyond limits are the ones who really know which phone is the finest and I have done this to all my phones including a Micromax phone. All smartphones have apps, the problem is that people are so indoctrinated with android/iOS mass manipulation, they have no clue that Symbian has all the important apps, and works perfect with them. People didn’t know what a smart phone is until the release of Apple and Blackberry. It would have been wonderful if Apple and Blackberry were just fruits.

Everyone must understand a basic difference between Hardware, Operating System (OS) and Performance. It is not that a phone with 1.2 GHZ dual-core or a quad-core will never freeze or a phone that has a 500 MHZ will always get stuck. If a phone executes well (booting speed, loading of apps and UI) even on a processor that has less than 800MHZ, that is called performance. It is the job of the Operating System to make them perform even on a low configured Hardware. Most of the android phones have good performance because of its hardware but none of the Androids will work as effective as Symbian on the outdated ARM processor with less than 800 MHZ.
Windows Phone 8 might be the future for Microsoft but definitely not for Nokia. I am not imparting that Nokia will not succeed with WP8 plan but I don’t think they can be big enough like Apple or Google is today, and if they stick with MeeGo/Symbian plan they can be success like them. Nokia has put itself in an awkward position by negligence of care for their Operating Systems
I recommend Nokia to develop devices with the latest hardware similar to the Galaxy SIII. Imagine a Nokia with 2 GHZ Quad-Core that runs on the updated Symbian, with new 4 million updated HD apps and has 41MP camera sensor. Sounds groovy right?  It is high time that Nokia should stop the monotony and invest time in applications and on Research & Development.
I still didn’t forget the days when Nokia released the 6600, N-gage QD and the N-series. None dare to overthrow these models. It had limitations but people were happy with its technology. I still operate my Panasonic TV with 6600 but unfortunately we cannot do it with the present-day phones. Nokia can probably work on the late technology Infrared (IR), phones with touch plus QWERTY keypad and on N-gage apps. Nokia can invest more on R&D and reward the developers for each of their creations instead of ditching the Symbian. Nokia should also work on ground-breaking technology like the Nokia 888 concept. I completely appreciate the heroic and daring attempt of Nokia for not aiming at Android. Nokia should always remain unique and legendary as it is, always.

-Parasaran Kumar
       Nokia Fan
        [email protected]

Thanks Parasaran! We hope Nokia is listening :)

Friday, August 17

Nokia TGIF: Nokia's The Expendables

Thank God It's Friday, so I decided to share a nice funny creative pic with you guys, courtesy of 9GAG.

As you know the adrenaline filled, testosterone induced, action packed flick: The Expendables is in theatres today. The sequel to the hit from 2 years ago, features action movie stars/legends (old and new) who come together to kick some major @$$. Action Legends

Here is the trailer:

If Nokia ever made an Expendables movie, featuring its legends, here is what I think it would look like...

My Nokia's The Expendables Cast members:

Nokia 3310 played by Chuck Norris

Nokia 6310i played by Bruce Willis

Nokia 7650 played by Sylvester Stallone

Nokia 7110 played by Jean Claude Van Damme

Nokia N-Gage played by Dolph Lundgren

Nokia 6600 played by Arnold Schwarzenegger

Nokia 5800 played by Jason Statham

Nokia 1100 played by Jet Li

Nokia 3250 played by Terry Crews

Nokia 5210 played by Randy Couture

Nokia Lumia 800 played by Liam Hemsworth

What's your Nokia Expendable collection going to look like?
Sound off in the comments box!

Source: 9GAG

Zynga's popular "draw Something" coming to Nokia Asha Devices!

Nokia announced that they have are working with popular game provider Zynga in bringing hit games: Words with Friends and Draw Something to Lumia Phones, this fall.
While we are still waiting for this on our Lumia's.

Nokia just put out another statement that they will be bringing Draw Something and Poker games to their S40 platform Asha Series Phones.

While this is good news, I personally don't think this is a big deal, why? well, Zynga's games are most popular in the US, especially "Draw Something" and "Words with Friends", and guess what Asha phones aren't being sold in the US.

Zynga's Poker

Also, most of Zynga's games require some form of internet connection, and since Asha phones are mainly in developing countries, where data connection fees are at a premium or are not just available, I really don't see the benefits here.

Overall, it's a good step Nokia has taken, Nokia has shown it is willing to partner with App providers to boost its platform and the platform of its partner (Microsoft).

One has to wonder, if Nokia didn't single handedly broker this deal with Zynga, would we ever see their popular games on the windows phone platform?

Read Nokia's press statement about Zynga games for Asha Devices

Thursday, August 16

Nokia US President confirms next gen. Lumia Phones, Samsung take note!

Nokia US President, Chris Weber tweeted yesterday...

so what does this tweet mean?

1. It's confirmed from Nokia's Head itself, Nokia is bringing its next gen. Lumia Phones soon. So how soon is soon? September? surely no later than October? or else Chris Weber would have unwittingly given the word "soon" a whole different meaning!

2. Samsung should be scared, Chris Weber sent a tweet to Samsung telling them to watch and see how it's done! "samsung take note" assuming this phrase was cryptic, would mean that Nokia was indeed preparing aa device that is way better than the Samsung note. So are we expecting to see a 5inch WP8 phone? a phablet (phone+tablet)?

Sept 5th... stay tuned!

new leaked bezel shows latest Nokia WP8 device.

Less than a couple of days after the first bezel showing a Nokia 4.3inch WP8 phone leaked, another bezel has been leaked.

here is the image...

this is different from the other bezel we saw just a few days ago..

They are obviously different devices..

And if you remember the device we saw last week...

So far we have seen 3 different parts of Nokia's upcoming WP8 devices..

Here is a nice line-up put together by the talented guys at WMPU:

Nokia has 3 WP8 devices coming up, and we might as well be lookiing at them... Though it does look like the first one and the last one look the same?

We will know for sure, come sept 5th when Nokia unveils them!

source: WMPU