The New Nokia Lumia 920

Allow me to introduce the New nokia Lumia 920, with a Dual Core 1.5Ghz SnapDragon CPU, 4.5inch Super sensitive curved screen, 8.7MP PureView Camera, PureMotion HD+, 16GB storage, wireless charging and lots more

The New Nokia Lumia 820

The New nokia Lumia 820 is here, with a 1.5GHz Dual Core SnapDragon CPU, 4.3inch CBD screen, 8MP Carl Zeiss Lens, 16GB storage with SD card slot, wireless charging and lots more

Official Nok4Us App now in the Marketplace for Lumia Phones

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Unboxing the White Nokia 808 PureView

The Nokia 808 PureView is now available in the US, and here's what is inside!

Unboxing the Nokia Purity HD In-Ear HeadSets

Unboxing and reviewing the Nokia Purity HD In-Ear HeadSet, the latest and pretty awesome HD headphones from Nokia and Monster. welcome to audio heaven!

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Saturday, September 29

Gallery of Stunning low-light photos from the Lumia 920

The guys at Engadget during their visit to Nokia House in Finland had the chance to take a whole bunch of photos in low light (at night) with a "prototype" Nokia Lumia 920 and the results are just amazing.

They uploaded the photos on Flickr for your viewing amazement, you need to see this and yes these were taken with a phone, these are absolutely stunning.

Impressive stuff,
You can check out more stunning photos from the Flickr Gallery!

All you need to know about the Lumia 820

Nokia recently had a Q&A session for bloggers about the overshadowed (by the 920 no doubt), superb and rugged Nokia Lumia 820 with  Tuukka Jarvenpaa, Senior product Manager at Nokia and Camilla Lindman, also Senior Project Manager.

And we got to hear quite a lot of info about the Lumia 820, except for an exact availability date.

  • The NL 820 supports 64 GB microSD cards.
  • The battery needs to be removed to insert or replace the card.
  • The screen is not Gorilla Glass, but is scratch resistant.
  • The snap-on covers made the device both Uni-body, which is good, but also versatile, for example adding wireless charging or a rugged shell.
  • The camera is module is the same as the Nokia Lumia 900, but features a new software experience which is “greatly improved and new”
  • Nokia is “looking at the possibilities” of a standby clock on the screen when the device is sleeping.
  • The rugged case did allow Nokia to address different channels such as both consumer and business with the same device.
  • Nokia did not comment whether future devices will also have wireless charging.
  • Nokia may look into a rugged shell with wireless charging included.
  • Nokia could not talk about delivery dates, pricing and availability yet.
  • They were able to have better battery life on the NL 820 despite a smaller battery due to the Snapdragon S4 engine with improved power management capabilities and also Nokia know-how & expertise on the power management.
  • They hopes to leverage the fact that Qi wireless charging is an open standard, but could not comment on 3rd party plans.
  • The NL 820 has a WVGA screen due to “much better readability for our consumers on the display size and due to the fact that the performance, mainly FPS, is something amazing in the new Lumia 820 OLED display with that specific resolution.”
  • The NL 820 screen featured Nokia’s  ClearBlack display and other Nokia specific features like Sunlight Readability Enhancement.
While the biggest surprise is the fact that it can support up to 64GB microSD card, it also has internal memory capacity of  8GB.
I think the biggest disappointment is that the screen isn't gorilla glass, so if you had plans of building your shed or kid's tree house and using this phone as a make shift hammer, forget about that!

This is a cheaper, stripped down version of the Lumia 920, but at the same time has some unique features of its own, the different kinds of ruggedized shells, the option to have a wireless charging back cover and more make the Lumia 820 a very customizable cheaper high end phone.

Source: WMPU

Friday, September 28

Apple CEO Tim Cook recommends Nokia Maps for iPhone5 users

The news coming out from Cupertino, CA (home of Apple) is that Apple and Apple CEO Tim Cook did something uncharacteristic of the Tech Company.. they apologized and acknowledged that they made a huge mistake in their iOS6 maps (which if you haven't heard is a HUGE fail).

Tim Cook went on further to point his iPhone5 users to a list of third party map/navigation providers they can use as a viable alternative to their current crApple iOS6 maps.

Here is a snippet from his press statement:

"While we’re improving Maps, you can try alternatives by downloading map apps from the App Store like Bing, MapQuest and Waze, or use Google or Nokia maps by going to their websites and creating an icon on your home screen to their web app."

I remember Steve Wozniak (Apple Co-founder) praising the Nokia Lumia 900 back in April when it was first released on At&t.
Also, Apple lawyers praised and used Nokia as an example of a phone company that makes its own beautifully designed phones without copying anyone.
Today, we have Apple CEO recommending Nokia Maps.

Wake me Up if I am dreaming!

Source: techCrunch

Raw Footage: OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) at work on the Nokia Lumia 920

If you ever had any doubt probably due to the fake ad) that the Lumia 900 wasn't capable of video stabilization.
We have seen countless videos of Nokia staff/Bloggers shaking their hands and taking photos or recording videos to simulate how the stabilization works and while those are impressive demos, it doesn't get any clearer than this one from Engadget.

Here is a video from Engadget at Nokia House in Finland with the Lumia 920 showing just how effe3ctive the video stabilization (OIS) on the Lumia 920 really is.
Actions speak better than words, so I am just going to let you see the test.

I think Nokia should take that testing prop to every Lumia 920 promo, they should even feature it in TV ads (if possible).

Source: Engadget

Thursday, September 27

Gray Lumia 920 spotted! Looks Amazing! I'm confused!

Since the launch of Lumia 920 and 820, my color choice has been either glossy white or yellow. The red,  black versions I have seen look good, but I am really torn between white or yellow, until Engadget posted these pictures on the gray Lumia 920 and I am back to square one!

I'm confused now, the gray looks sooo cool! and it's matte finish too, #faint

I can now see myself at an At&t store for hours trying to figure out which color to get. I think a close look and good feel should help anyone decided what color to get.

What's your color?

Nokia Lumia 920/820 available on Oct. 29th?

Will all know that Microsoft will launch Windows 8 on Oct. 26th, and 3 days later, launch Windows Phone 8 on Oct. 29th.

According to my source (who tipped me on wireless charging on Nokia WP8 phones months before it was announced), Microsoft will capitalizing on the launch of Windows Phone 8 (on the 29th) and its new features  by also announcing that the WP8 phones (Lumia 920 and 820) will be available on that same day!

We are going to see some pretty awesome WP8 features that you will not find on any leaked SDK today, Microsoft is very tight lipped about these features (remember Joe Belfiore at the Launch of Lumia 920/820 talking about more to come, wink wink). we are bound to be impressed by these features, so much so that Microsoft does not want you to wait a second longer, once WP8 is launched, you will be able to grab one! same day Oct. 29th.

This date also falls on the same week I got tipped that At&t will begin selling the Lumia 920 and 820 (Nov. 2nd). So maybe there could be some truth here.

All I know is the last week of Oct. is looking to be a very interesting one.

I didn't get any info other than Lumia 920, 820 and other WP8 phones will be available on the day of the launch of WP8, I cannot confirm if these are unlocked international versions (which they most likely will be, as carriers around the world will set their own release dates).

So it looks like we are 1 month away then!

First accessory I am getting with my Lumia 920 will be... a pair of gloves!

DISCLAIMER: You can choose to take this with a pinch of salt or as usual, wait for TheVerge, BGR or Engadget to confirm this (probably within the next couple of weeks)

White Lumia 900 spotted on NBC's controversial comedy "The New Normal"

So I'm sitting down watching this comedy "The New Normal" on NBC last monday night and what do I see 5mins in the show? My white Lumia 900!

I'm not a fan of the show, too political for my entertainment but I will admit it was a joy to spot the white Lumia 900 on US TV during prime-time hour too! sweet!

you can watch this episode here, the Lumia shows up around the 5min mark. The lady seems really into whatever she is doing on the phone, maybe she is playing wordament? yea, that's how I play it, with 2 hands!

Nokia announces price/availability for the Lumia920/820 in Europe: Italy, Germany, Russia and more.

A little light is shed on when and how much the Lumia 920/820 will go for.
Nokia Germany put out a Press Release stating that the both phones will go on sale in November and will be priced at 649 euros ($836) for the Lumia920 and a cheaper 499 euros ($643) for the Lumia820. You might say that's pretty pricey given the SGSIII is around $500-$600 range (but that's plastic).
Though the phones will be available through carrier operators, so expect to pay much much less if you want one from your telecom operator on contract.

In Italy too, Nokia also revealed that the handsets will be available in Novemeber, but their prices are cheaper compared to Germany's. the Lumia 920 will go for €599 ($771).

Nokia Russia also put out a press statement on availability of both phones, Lumia 920 will sell for 24,990 rubles ($803), while the Lumia 820 will go for 19,990 rubles ($642), the press statement also says the phone will be available in the Q4 2012, seems like a November release too!

In Austraila, both Lumia 920/820 will be available via major phone carriers: Telstra, Vodafone and Optus, but price and available haven't been announced but are said to at the end of October, leaving the strong assumption of a November release also,

Except more official word for availability in more Europe countries in the coming weeks.

Source: TechCrunch

Lumia 920 excels in Low Light situations against the competition

Engadget also had the privilege of testing out the Lumia 920 in low light situations against the rivals: SGSIII, HTC One X, iPhone 5...

At this point, it's a no-brainer, the Lumia 920 is undoubtedly the best in taking low light photos. If you search the web they are now a lot of video comparing the Lumia 920's camera to the rest and every single time it comes on top, TheVerge have tested, Engadget have tested, there are tons of videos from around the world from people who can now attest to the fact that the Lumia 920 is the best.

This is my last post demonstrating how awesome the Lumia 920 is, until the phone finally hits stores, meanwhile, I will be driving nails through walls with my Lumia 900!

Source: Engadget

Lumia clearly excels in video stabilization against the SGSIII and HTC One X

The guys from engadget went to Nokia House in Finland to confirm what we all have heard and seen since September 5th.
They confirmed that Nokia Lumia 920 is the phone to beat when it comes to taking pictures in low light situations and in reocrding in shaky situations to produce stable videos (video stabilization).

They put the Lumia 920 against the other top guns in the mobile industry at the moment (Samsung Galaxy SIII, iPhone5, HTC One X) and the Lumia 920 beat every single one of them confidently.

Here is the Lumia video stabilization up against the SGSII and HTC one X

I don't know about you but I just want one already!

Source: Engadget

Wednesday, September 26

Is quad-core really better than dual-core? do specs even matter anymore?

not actual size ratio

My mum always feared I would be a rapper and judging from the title of this post, well...

If you like me and up to date with what's happening in the mobile world, you know that's there's a battle of the smartphones going on between iPhone5, Samsung and Lumia (eventhough, it isn't even out yet). and their choice of weapon? Specs!
There are a million and one specs comparison tables between these 3 "heavyweight"
Tables, comparing screen size, processor core count, camera size, number of LED flash, screen resolution size, battery longevity, LTE or 4G or 3G...

But at the end of the day, do these comparisons really matter, iPhone fans are always going to buy iPhones even if its maps turn by turn navigation guides them into the grand canyon.
Samsung and Fandroids are still going to get a Galaxy S III even if they know that one drop from 4 feet can potentially shatter its humongous screen.
Nokians will always buy Nokia, even though the Symbian OS isn't up to date with current times, or that windows phone is boring and flat.

My point is these specs comparison between phones don't matter to anyone who has pledged his/her allegiance to a platform. it's like the general elections coming in November, say someone releases a video showing republican candidate Mitt Romney dissing 47% of Americans that wouldn't stop members of his party from voting for him.

Specs comparison should be obsolete, no one should be choosing a phone based on screen size, if you complain that 4inch is too small for you to see then I wonder how you coped all those years before the touch screen era when phones had 1-2inch screens.
Many of these phone manufacturers boast of haveing the longest lasting battery, but if you are a heavy user like me, then all that wouldn't make a difference, your battery would be dead by the end of the day regardless.
Unless you plan on printing a "empire state building" sized poster of a photo you took on your smartphone, then megapixels shouldn't really matter to you, research has already shown that 5MP is the ideal size for smartphones, anything higher than that wouldn't make a difference really.

So what should be the weapon of choice for this battle? INNOVATION

The fight for the best smartphone shouldn't be about who's got the bigger screen of a crowded processor.

It should be about who is bring something new to the table, who has got the wow factor, we don't want something bigger, we want to see something new, new features, new experiences and new technology.

Right now, only Nokia seems to be thriving in innovation, from the Nokia N9 to the Lumia 920.

If we don't make it a battle for innovation, then a mere 5 years from now, people will be carrying 7inch phones in their pockets.

Tuesday, September 25

RIM shows off its MeeGo inspired BlackBerry10 OS

RIM showed off some of the features of its upcoming BB10 OS and after looking at the video, I have come to the conclusion that RIM took inspiration from the Nokia's MeeGo UI.

Here is the Video for you to make up your own mind...

From the video, it is obviously clear RIM got really clever in reinventing the MeeGo UI, here are a few side by side comparisons (BB10 & MeeGo) you will find interesting.

Evidence #1:
in this first image, I put the MeeGo app screen side by side with the BB10's screen, good luck figuring out which one is the N9, they are almost identical

Evidence #2
This is the most obvious rip off from the MeeGo UI, the alarm setup page, in the video, the RIM guy talks about how you can easily set your alarm by just moving the hands on the clock, now though the interface is different, the concept is exactly the same with the N9's

Evidence #3
There are a whole lot of MeeGo inspired stuff on the BB10, the own swipe UI (made popular by the N9) has been ported to BB10 (they have a 90degrees swipe gesture for moving apps to the background, yea so original!) and modified to make it look original, even the fonts on the BB10 have a close resemblance to MeeGo.

Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 show up as "coming soon" on Nokia US, India websites

I've got some sorta kinda good news. The Lumia 920 and 820 have officially showed up on Nokia US and Nokia India websites and they are listed as "COMING SOON"
And if past experiences are to be believed, we might as well see these phones hit the market before the end of october.

The last time Nokia added a phone as coming soon, it was the Lumia 900 and it was released to the public a month later, so assuming the same time frame is used in this instance, we could see the Lumia 820 and 920 hit shelves in the last week of October, this makes the rumored October 21st date seem more plausible now.
This is just a calculated guess and I will be keeping my fingers crossed!

Monday, September 24

Get a chance to ask Nokia CEO Stephen Elop anything (LIVE: 25th Sept. 4am EST); my questions are...

Engadget is organizing a live Q&A with Nokia CEO Stephen Elop today (Sept 25th) at 4AM EST.
For 30mins you will be able to ask him anything, but 30mins isn't enough to answer everyone's questions, so they are obviously going to be picky on what questions get answered.
But we all know what question is on our minds: When is the Lumia 920 coming out?
This is the #1 question in the tech world right now, I'm sure.
But there are also other questions we would like answered, here's a list of questions I wouldn't mind getting answers to.
  • How much is the 920/820 going to cost? 
  • What are your thoughts on the HTC 8S and 8X phones?
  • Will we get a Nokia Win8 tablet before the end of this year?
  • When will theWP7.8 update begin rolling out for existing Lumia owners
  • Will we get a Nokia Flagship store on the West Coast in the US?
  • Any plans on offering free upgrades (or some kind of discount) to Lumia 920/820 from existing Lumia 900 owners (At&t)?
  • Is the Nokia 808 PureView the last Symbian^3 phone?
  • How long is the transition to windows phone going to last?
  • DO you sometimes have second thoughts about adopting android?
  • What does Nokia hope to achieve in the next 12months?

These are just my personal questions I would have asked if I was in a room with S. Elop for 30minutes.

 You can ask S. Elop your questions by tweeting them to @EngadgetLive.
You can also read questions and answers from this page

Source: Engadget

Nokia announce 2 new additions to the Asha Family: Asha 308 and 309

Nokia just announced the introduction of two new S40 low end phones; The Nokia Asha 308 and 309.

The Asha 308 and Asha 309 both feature 3-inch, scratch-resistant, capacitive touchscreens, a 2-megapixel camera, powerful built-in speakers and the fun-to-use Asha Touch operating system.

While the 309 has WiFi enabled, it features a single SIM while the 308 has the "Easy Swap Dual SIM" feature which allows you to swap SIMs without having to turn off your phone, this is a popular feature for phones especially in developing countries where GSM networks are mostly used.

Here are the official promo videos for the 308 and 309...

Nokia continues to rule the game when it comes to sleek affordable low end dual SIM phones, there isn't a competition in sight. I mean Nokia brings features to its low end phones that other OEMs only put in their high end phones, there aren't a lot of low budget phones with WiFi, nice sleek build, quality apps, awesome browser, quality games, developer support, smooth UI and more. Yet all these are on the Asha series and the introduction of 308 and 309 solidifies this.

Now that Nokia has cornered the low end market without a doubt, let's get down to business at the high end!

Source: Nokia Conversations

Rumor: Nokia plans to sue HTC for copying Lumia Design! Hell Yeah!

When HTC unveiled its 8X and 8S windows phone 8 phones with their bright colors, polycarboante unibody, curved screen (even the placement of the external speakers were ripped off from the Lumia610). Reading that last sentence, you probably thought I was talking about a Lumia phone huh?

The first thing that popped into everyone's head was that's a rip off of the Lumia phones.

So you can imagine how mad I was when I saw this video, Here HTC "design team" are talking B$ on how iconic the design of the HTC 8X and 8S are and how it is inspired by windows phone tiles, oh come on, give me a break, they didn't ewven have to look straight at the camera for us to know they were lying.. iconic my @$$

Well, the news today according to PC-Tablet is that Nokia's planning suit against HTC for copying the Lumia design patents. And they should, these phones shouldn't even be allowed into the market come November.

If this rumor turns out to be false, I still think Nokia owns it to the Nokia design team behind the beautiful N9/Lumia800 to sue HTC, sue them hard. It's sickening and down right annoying to see someone else rip the fruits of their labor.

Take action Nokia, these copycat phones should not be allowed to see the light of day, don't be like Apple and wait for the HTC 8X/8S to become a viable competitor in the WP8 ecosystem before you take action.

Source: PC-Tablet

Sunday, September 23

Video: Comparing Apple Maps and Nokia Maps; both on iOS 6

It isn't news anymore that latest "invention"; the Apple maps which comes with their new iOS6 update is appalling and quite frankly it is unusable. I already have a couple of iPhone4 friends who are asking me for advise between android and windows phone as they are prepared to switch and of course you know my response :) and they did too.

The bad news is iOS6 and Apple's map app is horrible, the good news however is that iphone users can use Nokia's effective maps system from their browser. Yes, Nokia's browser map is 200% better and more efficient that Apple maps.

Here is a video from unleashthephones' Alvin Wong comparing the new, but useless Apple maps with Nokia maps on an iOS6 running iphone.

Size comparison between N90, 808 and Lumia920 camera modules

Before Nokia became king of camera smartphones, that title was held by Sony Ericsson, I remember how awesome those Sony Ericsson phones were back then until Nokia signed a deal with Carl Zeiss Optics to infues their superb technology into their smartphones, the result was the almighty Nokia N90. 

That was back in 2004 (long time ago). Fast forward to present day, Nokia has release more than 20 smartphones with the carl zeiss lens on board and Nokia has become the smartphone maker to beat when it comes to camera quality.

Here is a video from Carl Zeiss at the PhotoKina convention in Cologne, Germany showcasing the fruits of their collaboration with Nokia...

Here is a nice photo comparison between the Carl Zeiss champions...

Does the iPhone5 truly have the most advanced display? or the Lumia 920!

This is the umpteenth comparison between the Nokia Lumia 920 and either the iPhone5 or SGSIII.
I'm sure like me, you are tired of it and just want Nokia to release the phone already.

When Tim Cook (Apple CEO) said "This truly is the world's most advanced display", he wasn't talking about the Nokia Lumia 920 (I thought he was), NO! He was talking about the iPhone5. While iPhone users went WOW! everyone else begged to differ.
Nokia unveiled its latest display technology called PureMotion HD+ and here is a self explanatory video on what it does...

PureMotion HD+ makes for an even more smoother transition of pixels, by allowing the pixels run 2 times faster.

So it was only a matter of time before some made an educated comparison between the both phones.

The images below show just how the iPhone5 display does when stacked up against the Lumia 920.
Though the Lumia 920 isn't available yet, I am sure when it does come out, the final comparison will be better than this...

This image is courtesy


Nokia Lumia 920 to sell for $512?

I will be, well we will be able to buy the Nokia Lumia 920 for a cheaper price compared to other high end smartphone if reports from is to be believed.
According to, the Nokia Lumia 920 is already on pre-order at Toaboa, one of the bigeest Chinese online shopping site (think for $512 (or £320). They say this price is the real deal.
Nokia or Microsoft for that matter haven't given us any official word on when the Lumia 920 or 820 will be available and how much we will be able to get them.
But if this rumor turns out to be true, it would be cheaper than the iPhone5 ($899-$1199) or the Samsung Galaxy SIII ($599-$799).
So how true could this be? why right now the Lumia 800, which is a smaller exact version of the Lumia 920 (made from the same material), costs $319 for the factory unlocked version (via amazonUS), and seeing as the Lumia 920 is a bigger, more powerful version of the Lumia 800, this price may not be too far off.
The Lumia 900 costs $449 (amazonUS), while the Nokia 808 PureView costs $559 (amazonUS) though these prices are expected to drop significantly when the Lumia 920 and 820 hit the market.

So how much do you think is a reasonable price for an unlocked Lumia 920? or 820?

Via Booksnreviews

Saturday, September 22

Lumia 920 coming to Verizon US?

According to leaked Verizon road map obtained by PhoneArena, the Lumia 920 will be indeed making its way to the Network this fall (November).

Along with other high end WP8 devices, the Lumia 920 will be available on the network, if this is true, then it would be good news for Lumia admirers who prefer the Verizon network, this is also expose Nokia to more consumers than if they released only the Lumia 820 on the network.

There wasn't any specific date on when the phones will be launched, but the general consensus is the start of November.

Stay tuned.

Friday, September 21

Is Nokia planning to light up the Eiffel tower this weekend?

Nokia just posted a photo from underneath the Eiffel tower in Paris with the caption "See something amazing this weekend"

My best bet is that it could be some promotional stunt for the Lumia 920, to be specific maybe the entire Eiffel tower will light up with Lumia colors, or there could be a lighting display, knowing how elaborate Nokia has been in the past with its promotions, none of these assumptions are far fetched!

I will keep you posted!

Source: Nokia FaceBook

Video Stabilization: Lumia 920 vs. SGSIII (The Difference is Clear!)

Every since the faked video promo mishap, Nokia has allowed doubters to test the optical image stabilization feature on the Lumia 920, and from all the comparison videos I have seen (which mostly comprise of people shaking their hands vigourously while recording with it), this is the most realistic test I have seen till date.

Imagine you are in a foreign country and as a tourist you want to record your entire visit, so you are in your car recording the scenic view, then when you get home and try to watchthat memorable occasion, it's all shaky.

Well, thats if you are using a Samsung Galaxy SIII (or any other smartphone for that matter), but from this video test, if you have a Lumia 920, you wouldn't need to worry about any of that anymore.

low end Nokia lumia 510 photos leak online.

Rumor has it that the image above is the low end Nokia Lumia 510, This device recently passed certification in China. It is said to sport a 4inch display, with a 800MHz processor, 256MB RAM memory, WiFi enabled, 5MP camera and will run on the windows phone 7.8 update (due to roll out on existing Lumia phone in November). Seeing this was leaked in China and passed certification there, I think we can assume this is a CDMA device?

Here are more leaked images...

As you know the Lumia 610 is already on sale in the Asian markets and doing pretty well, and with the introduction of the Lumia 510, it seems Nokia plans to dominate the low end markets in that region with its low end windows phone.


Nokia TGIF: Vertu Constellation Blue: Luxurious version of the E6

Last time I heard I thought Nokia sold its luxury phone division (Vertu) to some investment company on europe (EQT VI). I don't know if that deal got finalized already.
But a new Vertu device is here and it takes inspiration from the Nokia E6

Vertu phones run on Symbian and are super SUPER DUPER expensive! I'm talking from 4-figures to 6-figures price tags!!

The Vertu phones are made from ordinary phone materials, they are made from a combination of true leather and precious stones (some have real diamonds in them).

So Symbian and expensive huh? those are 2 reasons you probably will never see this phone in the wild ;)

If I ever had money for one of these, I don't think I would ever use them to make calls, just frame it and hang on my wall as a "work of art" and lock that wall in a room sized vault that uses the same security the US uses to guard the Federal Reserves!

Happy weekend!

Thursday, September 20

Nokia Lumia 920: One Phone to rule then all (Score Card comparison)

What everyone (myself included) is the official word on when the new Nokia Lumia 920 will be available, it has already been made clear that it is the one phone to rule them all!

Polls have been popping up all over the web asking consumers to pick from either the SGIII, iPhone5 or the Lumia 920 and the Lumia 920 has won every single one of them, the only downside now is that consumers dont know when it will be available :(

image mashed up by Ammar

From to to and even, the Lumia 920 garners so much accolades, it reminds me of the N9 when it was first revealed (we all know how that turned out). But this is different, there is no DOA signature on this one, this is the real deal.

Here  is a nice score card comparing the 3 heavyweights in the smartphone industry right now...

This score is out of 5 and this is being compared with the best spec. till date. For example, Nokia Lumia has the best camera and samsung sIII is rated 3.5/5 with reference to Nokia 920 which has the best camera on a phone. But here its been rated only 4.5 because there might be detractors who do not agree with the fact that Nokia 920 has the best camera. The columns which are rated "Zero"  cannot be consider for rating since it might be the dimensions of the mobile or a particular feature would have been missed by the mobile manufacturer

This was put together by Parasaran Kumar!

Comparing the award winning Nokia Maps with the competition.

I remember the first phone I used Nokia's free turn by turn navigation on, it was the still ever so popular 5800! that was back in 2008, and before then when Nokia Maps turn by turn navigation was introduced it was a paid service, I bet many didn't know that.

Here is a look at a neat comparison sheet between the Nokia Maps and the competition (Google and Apple's maps services).
It's a no-brainer that Nokia Map is now the best map provider, after winning the "App of the award year" at this year's Know Your mobile.
Amazon also ditched google maps on its new Kindle Fire tablets in favor of Nokia's lacation services, if that doesn't speak enough about the awesomeness of Nokia maps, then what will?

Here is a nice sheet showing how effective the Nokia maps is when compared with the google and Apple maps...

Looking at the spread there, it is pretty clear Nokia's got the edge, from the widest coverage for turn by turn navigation to its offline services to augmented reality, Nokia is a pioneer when it comes to location services.

Here is a map of the word showing Nokia's coverage (in blue), that's more than 90% of the earth!

In caomparison, here is what Google and Apple cover globally...

Google                                                                                    Apple

You can read more on this on Nokia Conversations